salt with rosemary and coriander

rosemary coriander salt

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a total salt-aholic.  I love the stuff. I need it and put it on everything. Salt gives you high blood pressure, blah blah blah blah.  I have perfect blood pressure and cannot enjoy my food unless it is adequately salted.  finished.

i love salt

I love this salt flavour mix, the rosemary and coriander seeds help in the overall salt reduction and adds a little extra dimension when ground up over certain foods.

Making ones own salt mix is so easy. Buy a good pack of unrefined coarse sea salt (khoisan salt, atlantic sea salt etc….I find Maldon does not grind well in the salt grinder — too fine and not enough grip so ok to use if not putting in a grinder) and then mix up various concoctions of your own, put in an empty grinder and way to go. Any dried herbs of choice, peppers, dried chili flakes, lavender etc. This also makes a great kitchen gift.

salt mixes make great gifts


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