This creamy roasted tomato soup is so easy to whip up with only a few minutes of actual hands-on cooking time. It’s the first thing I make in winter when I have a bag of very ripe baby tomatoes that need to be used up quickly. I have made so many variations of this soup; it almost doesn’t need a specific recipe. I love to add basil if I have this or stir through a couple of teaspoons of basil pesto to give it a herbaceous hit. A chopped up red onion and a sprinkle of smoked chilli flakes would not go amiss in the roasting pan either, so really just play around with what flavours you like.

When my friend Jenna posted a link to Zahav’s famous hummus recipe a few months ago and claimed it to be the best, I knew I needed to give it a go. I thought I had settled on the best recipe ever. The one from Ottolenghi, but the thing about hummus that really gets to me is how abrasive raw garlic can be. Zahav’s recipe has a unique way of infusing the garlic in lemon juice first, then strain it out before adding to the mix. Genius! It also calls for an obscene amount of tahini which gives it an amazing silky texture. I gave it a go in my fantastic Geenis Power Blender (which is another important component to this story), and it delivered a hummus texture I had never encountered. Literally like whipped cream. The only downside is the quantity of tahini, which just does not suit my current healthier eating regime. I also wanted to add roast beetroot, because I love this flavour with hummus.

This recipe for a blueberry and frangipane galette comes from my second cookbook ‘Sweet’ and is a wonderfully quick and easy dessert, using either fresh or frozen blueberries. The almond-intense frangipane mixture provides a firm centre to this galette (tart), which is best served with fresh cream. You can use any berry that you fancy and it’s not outrageously sweet. Double up the filling and make an extra one if you need to serve more people as this makes enough for 2 greedy people and 4 less so. I add a splash of Grand Marnier®, but it isn’t essential. You could add a hit of grated orange zest if you prefer to keep things sober. Orange and blueberries are the best together.

We are in the last throes of Autumn and the rains have arrived in Cape Town (yay) so its time to settle in with more comforting food, cozy days at home, and lots of indulgences. We have waved a sorrowful goodbye to stone fruits – apart from a few plums lurking around, and have ushered in citrus in a big way. Quince, pomegranates, beetroot, aubergines, all the squash family, apples, and pears are around in abundance, so here is a roundup of recipes that celebrate this autumn harvest.

I couldn’t let a significant event like World Baking Day go unnoticed on I adore baking and I have done so many recipes on this blog in the 8.5 years of its existence. These recipes are my all-time favourite and it was pretty hard to choose from the long list what to include here. I have 10 best cake recipes but these are a mix of various treats that I make again and again and have become super popular on the blog. These are the ones I suggest you turn to whenever you want to spread some love, because baking is an act of love. Enjoy!

Quince are inedible hard and fury when fresh and look like they just stepped right out of biblical times. When cooked however their flesh becomes soft, pink and very delicious. I adore using them in baking recipes and included three in my second cookbook ‘sweet’ under the fruit chapter. This poached quince tart tartin is one of those recipes. Quince are also in season now so I thought I would should share this super easy recipe.

This famous recipe for chicken cooked in milk by Jamie Oliver is something I have wanted to make for the longest time. It’s utterly intriguing. The notion of a whole bird being browned and then slowly cooked in milk and sage until it literally falls off the bone appeals to me in every single way. It wasn’t until I was thinking about a dish I could make that would pair perfectly with the De Wetshof Estate Bon Vallon Chardonnay that I thought ‘this is the one’, and I was right.

As I sit at my desk and look out over a very grey sky and watch the storm moving in, all I want to do is hibernate and drink tea. I think of more comforting food and hearty breakfasts that roll into brunch. These are not the sorts of recipes you would make for a busy week day (except perhaps the granola which you would have made over the week-end), but ones where you would plan to make in advance on chilled week-end. These are 10 of my best breakfast recipes.

I thought since we have a mega long week-end coming up and peeps will be taking some time off, I would share a few of my top favourite breakfast recipes. They should be made late in the morning in order to skip lunch. I’ve been known to make quite a few of these for dinner – especially the Mennemen which is 100% my all time favourite scrambled egg recipe.