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my favourite fruit and nut cake

My farourite easy fruit and n ut cake

If I’m not making my super easy boiled fruit cake with stout and I want to go all the way, I make my all time favourite fruit cake with loads of fruit and nuts. I especially love whole cherries in a fruit cake. It makes me feel like I’ve hit the cake jackpot. I also believe that fruit cake is not only there for Christmas or other special celebrations. Its my favourite kind of cake for any tea time.  Continue Reading →


the famous hummus recipe by yotam ottolenghi and sami tamimi

Yotam Ottolenghi and Sami Tamimi's famous basic hummus recipe

If you follow along my blog you will know that I had an exceptional experience in Israel in January and I still havent recovered from the most amazing meals I enjoyed there. I also ate a fair amount of hummus, because when you are in Jerusalem, that is what you do. The best version of what we ate was at a tiny cafe just outside the Machane Yehuda Market. It was smooth and creamy with a delicious flavour and served with pita bread, falafel and a few pickles and condiments. Continue Reading →


one – ingredient whole grain cracker

Dan Barbers one - ingredient whole grain cracker

So I bought the Food 52 Genius Recipes cookbook last week, and seriously, its incredible. I had heard of, and seen a good few of the recipes before because if you spend as much time on the food internet as I do it would be impossible not to. I had also made at least one recipe  – the  famous purple plum torte, so I know they are particularly extraordinary. I plan on making a lot more from the book and in fact have made three since last week already. It’s the kind of book that inspires you want to dive straight into the kitchen and get busy, and its the way I gauge how good a cookbook is. 

The first recipe I made was these one-ingredient whole grain crackers because I had freekeh in my house for the first time and I love a good crunchy (healthy) cracker.  Continue Reading →


toffee, salted pretzel & chocolate bark

toffee, pretzel & chocolate bark

I took my favourite crunchy toffee recipe – that totally melts in your mouth, and added salted pretzels to it, because I mean, who doesn’t love that. It also breaks the sweetness of the caramel giving it some relief. The chocolate on top is 70% which I would recommend. Once again to break the sweetness and adding a small bitter note. 

toffee, pretzel & chocolate bark

I use a digital thermometer for all sweet-making; that way there is little room for error. Sugar can change in a matter of seconds when heated through various stages, so it’s advisable to remain totally focused and keep monitoring the temperature exactly. If you definitely don’t have one, then cook your caramel until it starts turning golden brown. By this I mean a darker colour. It stays a lightish golden colour for ages, so you will need to stir for around 10 minutes before the alchemy happens and the molten, buttery sugar suddenly moves to the hard crack stage. The old school way of checking is to drop a piece of toffee in a glass of water and then taste to determine at what stage it is at. Prepare well and have everything you need on hand, before you begin. Also, don’t ever, I mean ever be tempted to lick the spoon while making caramel, no matter how delicious it looks.  Continue Reading →


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