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chermoula aubergines with bulgar and yoghurt

chermoula aubergines with bulgar and yoghurt

It’s the most marvelous thing to read recipes from a place you have just travelled to and then seeing them in context for the first time. It’s literally like a veil is lifted and you can visualise the origins of the ingredients and the environment. I’m experiencing that with Ottolenghi’s book ‘Jerusalem’ at the moment and I feel like making everything in this gorgeous cookbook now. Continue Reading →


espresso chocolate chip cookies

espresso chocolate chip cookies

So this is the recipe that for some bizarre set of circumstances never made it into my book. It was developed for ‘Sweet’, shot for ‘Sweet’, but somehow never made it into the glossy pages of my most beloved and decadent second cookbook. I only discovered this the other day while I was looking for the recipe. Thinking it was there, but also kind of knowing it wasn’t. The whole thing is weird. Anyway lucky for you I get to put it up here because what use is a recipe sitting on my hard drive gathering digital dust. Continue Reading →


the bloody mary burger

The Bloody Mary Burger

This is the recipe for a Bloody Mary burger and it comes from Jan Braai’s fabulous new cook book ‘The Democratic Republic of Braai’. For anyone not living in South Africa, braai means barbecue here and its pretty much a national sport. Its Jan’s mission to unite all South African’s around a fire to celebrate our nation and our heritage. And of course to eat delicious food cooked over the flames. This Jan’s third braai cookbook and I have to agree with him when he says its his best. Although packed with simple recipes using easily accessible ingredients, the book is creative and has a distinct edge. In fact I’ll go so far as to say its the most exciting cookbook published this year (apart from mine of course). Continue Reading →


spicy caramel popcorn

spicy caramel popcorn

This is one of my favourite recipes from my new cookbook ‘Sweet’ which was recently published by Penguin Random House in South Africa. I love the spicy flavours with the sweet and crunchy caramel which seem counter intuitive, but really work. The popcorn is not that hot, and delivers a lovely earthy warmth to the mix. I always think I could add some chilli or cayenne pepper to give more of a kick, but erred on the side of caution when I developed the recipe to make it accessible to everyone, including children

I’ve demonstrated this recipe at 2 events since my book launch and every  goes wild. It’s just one of those recipes. It surprises and delights. Continue Reading →


orange cake with orange buttercream

Orange cake with orange buttercrem from Sweet - By Sam Linsell

I figured it was finally time to talk about my new cookbook since its busy rolling into stores around South Africa as I type . It’s very exciting. Less frightening than the first time I will admit, and I’m feeling proud and happy that I have put this body of work out there. Its called Sweet, and is loaded with delectable vanilla, caramel, chocolate and fruit treats. It’s also very close to my heart.

Sam Linsell Sweet

Sweet is a collection of recipes that swings the pendulum from desserts and puddings, across confectionary, to baked treats at the other end. I’ve tried to include a little bit of everything I love; to cover them all I would need a second (and probably a third) book! I have a chronic sweet tooth that has steered me towards my passion for baking and dessert making, both of which are a source of comfort and great pleasure in my life. Continue Reading →


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