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a ginger brandy and rooibos cocktail

a ginger brandy and rooibos cocktail

This is the Ellerman House Fynbos Cocktail and its totally delicious and uniquie. Shaken with ice and poured into a martini glass with a twist of lemon its a perfect aperitif to kick off an evening out.

Ellerman House

Last week I had the wonderful opportunity to shoot few cocktails for this exclusive luxury hotel following on from the menu shoot I did there in winter. Its so easy to take pretty pictures at this private venue. You literally point your camera in any direction and it picks up something beautiful. The views, the jaw droopingly beautiful art scatttered all over the place (inside and out) and the lovely building with all its interesting nooks and crannies. Continue Reading →


tigers milk – its a cocktail and its a restaurant

Tigers Milk - its a cocktail

I was introduced to this cocktail at the opening of the fabulous new Tigers Milk on Long street in Cape Town and it was love at first sip. Its got tequila, sharp lime flavours and an undertone of coriander with a hint of chilli. Coconut milk and fresh pineapple juice smooth things out making this my new favorite tequila drink.

Tigers Milk, Long Street, Cape Town

Tigers Milk, Long Street, Cape Town

Tigers Milk  or leche de tigre, is the Peruvian name for the marinade used to cure cerviche. Basically the delicious juice that is left behind when you eat this stunning seafood dish, and one of my absolute obsessions (heres my recipe for it). This cocktail takes aspects of these flavours and makes it more drinkable. You can adjust the quantities to suit your taste buds. Add more tequila and lime if you like it stronger and less pineapple juice if you dont want it too sweet. I played around with the ingredients a few times and came up with something I really like. Or, if you are in Cape Town, pop on over to Tigers Milk and get them to make you their version.

The mushroom burger at Tigers Milk, Long Street, Cape Town

I shot some of the menu and stunning interior at this funky new Cape town spot last week, and these are my pics. The food is unashamedly ‘dude food’ and exactly what I like to eat when I’m out for a few drinks. The burgers are delicious and if you like truffle, the truffle mushroom burger with bacon is insanely good. Served with home-made french fries which makes all the difference. The pizzas are baked in a wood fired oven and have crispy thin bases and tasty toppings such as lamb shank and pork belly. They do steak, ribs and prawns and a few other delicious things. Bar food with a bit of class. Continue Reading →


pomegranate lemonade

pomegranate lemonade

pomegranate lemonade

pomegranate lemonade

I was blown away by an amazing array of beverages available in the USA on my recent travels there. The category has literally exploded, and in line with what I saw in London two years ago. Sadly I wasn’t in either place long enough to drink my through these hundreds of amazing sounding drinks flavours.

The one thing I did drink a lot of in America on this trip was lemonade. Continue Reading →


apple, beetroot and ginger juice

apple, beetroot and ginger juice

This apple, beetroot and ginger juice one of the most tasty drinks I’ve made in a while. Not only does it look spectacular but it’s delightfully refreshing too.

apple, beetroot and ginger juice

I only added 2 beetroot because I didn’t want the earthy flavour to overwhelm the drink, but the colour is a vibrant deep pink making it so deliciously fabulous to look at. Continue Reading →


a californication

A californication - Its a cocktail

The Californication is a cocktail. It looks really innocent, like you could drink it at breakfast, but really it is not. Its loaded.

Its kind of like a Long Island Iced T but with orange juice instead of coke and its rather tasty.

You literally throw a splash of vodka, gin, white rum and tequila into a glass, add lemon juice, a good dose of freshly squeezed orange juice and lots of ice and that’s it. Slices of fresh orange finish it off.

I’m clinging onto the last bit of summer over here but really looking forward to heading to NYC next month.


  • 15ml each vodka, gin, white rum and tequila
  • 15ml freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • about 70ml orange juice
  • stir in a large glass and top up with use

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