spinach & ricotta cannelloni bake

spinach & ricotta cannelloni bake

I would have to say that spinach and ricotta stuffed cannelloni is amongst my all-time favourite pasta dishes but I have never made it myself. I mean how even? It’s so straightforward and easy to do and once in the oven, it bakes into utter deliciousness on its own. It is so comforting, its like giving your inside the biggest hug. Continue Reading →


my favourite fruit and nut cake

My farourite easy fruit and n ut cake

If I’m not making my super easy boiled fruit cake with stout and I want to go all the way, I make my all time favourite fruit cake with loads of fruit and nuts. I especially love whole cherries in a fruit cake. It makes me feel like I’ve hit the cake jackpot. I also believe that fruit cake is not only there for Christmas or other special celebrations. Its my favourite kind of cake for any tea time.  Continue Reading →


baked stout chocolate doughnuts with a chocolate glaze

baked stout chocolate doughnuts with a chocolate glaze

The richness of the chocolate milk stout works perfectly with these baked chocolate doughnuts, adding depth without overpowering. They are a delicious alternative to fried doughnuts and are very easy to whip up.

Ok so I know that baking a doughnut is kind of cheating and I resisted for a while, but then I spotted one of the pans and thought why the hell not? I mean the calorie saving plus the mess-chaos avoidance after deep-frying are enough of a reason to get me on board. Then I love cooking and baking with milk stout, especially the Castle Milk Stout Chocolate, so this was a perfect fit. They are so super easy and very quick to bake.  Continue Reading →


chicken meatballs with spaghetti & marcella hazan’s famous tomato sauce

chicken meatballs with spaghetti & marcella hazan's famous tomato sauce

When I think of cooking chicken mince, I immediately lean towards Asian flavours with loads of green onions, ginger and chilli. I want hoisin sauce and fresh leaves on vermicelli noodles, but that recipe will have to happen another day. I was desperate to make Marcella Hazan’s legendary tomato sauce so I settled on Italian flavours here. Spaghetti was the only option pasta wise, because chciken meatballs and spaghetti go together like Mia and Sebastian from La La Land. Obviously ground beef will work perfectly with this sauce and these are may favourite meatballs in case you were wondering, but I’m desperately trying to clear out a full freezer and had a bee in my bonnet with this chicken mince. Continue Reading →


endive salad boats with apple, blue cheese, bacon and walnuts

endive (Witlof) salad boats with apple, blue cheese, bacon and walnuts

Commonly known as Belgian endive or Chicory, this crunchy salad leaf is also known as Witlof. It is pale in colour with a slightly bitter and nutty flavour that is super crunchy. You can eat it raw or cooked, but since its summer I wanted to do a salad of sorts with lots of different elements. Vibrant Granny Smith apples, fennel and celery make up the vegetable component, and creamy blue cheese and crispy bacon the savoury and salty part. A few chopped up walnuts add lovely crunch and they go so well with everything else here. Think Waldorf salad. I drizzled over my all-time favourite maple vinaigrette dressing which added sweetness to offset the bitterness. Continue Reading →


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