steel cut oats with maple, cinnamon & roasted banana

How to make steel cut oats with roasted banana, maple and cinnamon

Since discovering steel-cut oats in my supermarket recently, I have become obsessed. Oats or oatmeal as its known in American is one of healthiest breakfasts you can make. Loaded with nutrition and fibre, its worth putting this into your regular breakfast rotation. This recipe idea comes from a friend who Instagrammed her breakfast recently and she had me at roasted banana. The maple adds sweetness and the cinnamon adds spice turning your oats from ordinary to extraordinary. Continue Reading →


10 recipes to make this july

And just like that, we hit the half way mark of 2017 and winter is in full force in Cape Town. I’m always tempted to stay in hibernation mode as much as possible during these deep cold months and comfort food happens to the max. Here are a few recipes that you could make in July. Stay warm friends. If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, bookmark this post for January.

Nigella’s clementine cake

Nigellas clementine cake recipe

And while we are on the topic of citrus being in season, clementines and in particular Clemengold are in stores right now and this is a delicious cake with a hint of bitterness. Continue Reading →


a mushroom forage at delheim

A mushroom forage at Delheim, Stellenbosch, South Africa

Last Friday I headed out to Stellenbosch to attend a morning of mushroom foraging and feasting at Delheim. They host guided mushroom forage events during the winter months and its a wonderful opportunity to get close to the forest floor and experience the mesmerising world of fungi growing in the wild.  Continue Reading →


my guide to eating out in Cape Town

My guide to eating out in Cape Town

I’ve been meaning to write this blog post for years and now it’s come about by necessity. I am constantly asked for recommendations about where to eat in Cape Town from internationals that follow and friends and acquaintances that visit the mother city.

This is a comprehensive list based on where I love to eat and where I tend to eat again and again. There are restaurants out there that are really great and I’m still trying to get there. This is my list based on my experience and no offence to any restaurant that isn’t featured here.

I have started two restaurant guides, which I will continue to post my recommendations to as regularly as I can. They are my Facebook Taste & Titbits page @EatCapeTown, and my Instagram @EatingCapeTown page. I post interesting dishes, favourite restaurants and various specials I find along the way. Follow along for all the deliciousness I manage to hunt down. Continue Reading →


jalapeño popper grilled cheese sandwich with bacon

jalapeño popper grilled cheese sandwich with bacon

Even though sandwiches are things made on the fly, where we slap a few ingredients between slices for a quick lunch, I always like to go the extra mile and make something more special. This grilled jalapeño popper grilled cheese with bacon is just such a sandwich and it’s utterly delicious. It takes flavours from a jalapeño popper and blends it into a grilled cheese that melts into perfection between two slices of your favourite bread. You in? Continue Reading →


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