When my friend Jenna posted a link to Zahav’s famous hummus recipe a few months ago and claimed it to be the best, I knew I needed to give it a go. I thought I had settled on the best recipe ever. The one from Ottolenghi, but the thing about hummus that really gets to me is how abrasive raw garlic can be. Zahav’s recipe has a unique way of infusing the garlic in lemon juice first, then strain it out before adding to the mix. Genius! It also calls for an obscene amount of tahini which gives it an amazing silky texture. I gave it a go in my fantastic Geenis Power Blender (which is another important component to this story), and it delivered a hummus texture I had never encountered. Literally like whipped cream. The only downside is the quantity of tahini, which just does not suit my current healthier eating regime. I also wanted to add roast beetroot, because I love this flavour with hummus.