willoughby & co – delicious sushi

rainbow reloaded .....so delicious

 last night I was taken on a lovely date by a lovely man to Willoughby & co at the V & A Waterfront.  The sushi menu is extensive and is exceptional and if you don’t mind eating at a table in the middle of a mall, it’s some of the best you will find in Cape Town. 

The rainbow reloaded are delicious with a nice sweet and spicy edge.  We also shared the rock shrimp tempura on a tuna roll, which were very, very tasty indeed.  

my dinner last night

 The meal was washed down with a  Waterkloof Circumstance Sauvignon blanc, which is one of the best sauv’s I’ve tasted in a while. A very balanced wine.  We also had a glass of Ataraxia Sauvignon blanc afterwards which was nice, but not quite as good as the Circumstance. 

Willoughby & co is a superb all round seafood restaurant, with sushi options, oysters and other Japanese dishes.  Theres also a lovely little food shop tucked in the back which specialises in asian goodies


becki's cold tapas lunch pictures

becki's delicious lunch

My friend Becki is highly creative and talented and I had to take some pictures of her lovely Greek influenced, tapas lunch table. Lovely to nibble on so many different flavours and textures in one meal.

tasty nibbles

a beautiful mixed salad in a huge bowl


salt with rosemary and coriander

rosemary coriander salt

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a total salt-aholic.  I love the stuff. I need it and put it on everything. Salt gives you high blood pressure, blah blah blah blah.  I have perfect blood pressure and cannot enjoy my food unless it is adequately salted.  finished.

i love salt

I love this salt flavour mix, the rosemary and coriander seeds help in the overall salt reduction and adds a little extra dimension when ground up over certain foods.

Making ones own salt mix is so easy. Buy a good pack of unrefined coarse sea salt (khoisan salt, atlantic sea salt etc….I find Maldon does not grind well in the salt grinder — too fine and not enough grip so ok to use if not putting in a grinder) and then mix up various concoctions of your own, put in an empty grinder and way to go. Any dried herbs of choice, peppers, dried chili flakes, lavender etc. This also makes a great kitchen gift.

salt mixes make great gifts


nobu cape town

the black cod den miso....taken on my phone

Last year I was spoiled by a very special old friend and taken to Nobu at the One & Only in Cape Town for dinner. The evening was superb,  from the first sip of bubbly at sunset to the last dance at Jade Lounge at 3am.

The whole meal and every morsel we ate at Nobu was exceptional and so off the chart amazing it actually left me feeling a little sad.  Sad that I can’t eat this sort of food all the time and sad that it has raised the benchmark so high that it leaves similar genre meals fading into the background by comparison.

One (of the many) highlights of the evening was the Black Cod den miso.  This is Alaskan cod (nothing like british cod) that is marinated in miso, hence the black appearance and is one of Nobuyuki Matsuhisa’s signature dishes in his restaurants.  At a staggering R435 per portion, I have to say it is one of the most beautiful things I have ever eaten.

I drank sake (warm) for the first time that night and it was delicious.  No doubt I was drinking a higher quality offering, so can’t really comment on this particular beverage more broadly.

Sushi is normally eaten at the end of the meal as a palette cleanser, but we regrettably didn’t get that far. The numerous other dishes that came before, like the white fish sashimi with dried garlic, the salmon skewers and the prawn tempura, rock shrimp style with jalapeño, ponzu and creamy spicy dipping sauce, left us with zero space for this.  So it’s very clear that I need to go back to this superb and vibrant restaurant.

generous portions to share


grilled lightly smoked salmon with lemon, black pepper and my rosemary/coriander salt

tonight's supper - about 5 minutes to make

Take a fillet of lightly smoked salmon, drizzle with lemon juice and olive oil, sprinkle over some black pepper and a few grinds of salt (I used  my mix of coarse sea salt, dried rosemary and coriander seeds), and place under the grill for a few minutes until cooked.  Squeeze over a bit more lemon juice and another drizzle of oil and tuck in.

It really is so simple and really can’t get much more delicious than this.  Uber, ultra healthy – I ate with steamed courgettes tossed on ponzu sauce.  Delicious!

so easy, so perfect


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