Lux St Gilles ReunionLux St Gilles Reunion

Last week I jetted off to the the wild Island of Reunion with a few of South Africa’s Instagram legends and discovered a place that is so much more than tropical sandy beaches. An active volcano, canyons, mountain peaks and dense forrest are what you can expect to find, and then so much more. Its part of France so the local language is French, the currency is Euro, and in almost every way you feel like you could be in Europe. The scenery is spectacular and varies from part to part. One minute you are driving through Alpine like mountains and the next you are in a semi desert with flat rock and red sand. Sugar cane field in abundance, coral reefs keeping back a wild Indian Ocean and super friendly people everywhere to make you feel so welcome.

Lux St Gilles Reunion

We stayed at the only 5 star resort on the island – Lux* St Gilles and then day tripped from there to see the sights. This hotel group is about surprising and delighting its guests. They do outdoor movie nights with pop corn, they have retro ICI ice cream bars on the beach, they roast their own coffee and have red phone booths where you can phone home anytime for free. How cool is that?