pear and halva crumble loaf with pecans, honey & maple

Pear and halva crumble loaf with pecans, honey & maple - adpated from Donna Hay

Pear and halva crumble loaf with pecans, honey & maple - adapted from Donna Hay

There are times when you are cruising around the Internet and stumble across a recipe so enticing you simply have to make it as soon as possible. This actually happens to me ALL the time. I wasn’t on the internet as such but rather reading Donna Hays latest mag on my iPad which I subscribe to. She had me at halva and then pears, and then pecans, and the whole thing sounded so damn delicious I had to get busy. This pear and halva crumble loaf with pecans is absolutely phenomenal and a great base recipe to add a few tweaks to. Continue Reading →


vegan queso dip with chipotles

vegan queso dip with chipotles

The world seems to be obsessed with vegan and gluten free recipes right now so I’m diving in. I’m not doing it because I’m either vegan or gluten intolerant, but because I love playing around with new ingredient combinations and cooking techniques. I have never tried my hand at vegan cheese substitutes made with nuts, but have tasted a few that were quite tasty. I adore queso dip and chipotles so this recipe inspired me to dive into my kitchen and soak a few cashews. Continue Reading →


sticky mango pudding with coconut custard by bill granger

sticky mango pudding with coconut custard by bill granger

I spotted this Bill Granger recipe for sticky mango pudding with coconut custard in a Goodhousekeeping mag at my parent’s house over Christmas and knew I wanted to make it. I always think of Bill as somewhat of a hot pudding maestro since I made his coconut and lime delicious pudding a few years ago and landed up winning the competition that took me to London. That pudding is really fantastic if you are looking for a fruit flavoured hot pudding by the way. I just loved the sound on this twist on a classic . Mangoes are in season so it simply had to be made. Continue Reading →


visit paternoster

Paternoster, West Coast, Western Cape

Paternoster is a quaint little fishing village up the West Coast about two hours drive from Cape Town and is well worth visiting. Not only do they have picturesque beaches, turquoise sea and white washed houses that at a glance make you think you are in Greece, it’s quite the culinary hotspot too. I finally got round to going this last long week-end and had a delicious time at Wolfgat, the Noisy Oyster and Gaaitjie restaurants. Continue Reading →


a west coast dining adventure at wolfgat

Wolfgat restaurant, Paternoster, West Coast, South Africa

Wolfgat restaurant, Paternoster, West Coast, South Africa

The highlight of my the week-end away in Paternoster was having lunch at Wolfgat on Saturday. I’ve been dying to go since Kobus van der Merwe’s opened it last year offering a unique Strandveld dining experience showcasing a selection of indigenous ingredients specific to their West Coast location. Kobus forages local plants and seaweed in a sustainable way and keeps his restaurant small (maximum of 24 seats) to maintanin sustainability. The menu is the culinary manifestation of the area and is hugely inspiring. Its like eating the Wes Coast. Some elements on the tasting menu take weeks of preparation (I saw loads of wild plants and herbs drying in the kitchen), while others are handpicked on the day. It’s a two and a half hour eating journey that takes you through around eight tasting dishes with an amuse or two. And the bread service, always setting the tone for what is to come and this was delectable. Two types of homemade bread with a pan of hot bubbling farm butter with seaweed. Sublime flavours and we literally scraped every last drop.  Continue Reading →


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