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a delicious oreo vanilla bean ice cream

A delicious oreo cookie vanilla ice cream

I know the world doesn’t need another Oreo cookie ice cream recipe. It’s hardly original, but I hadn’t made one yet. It’s not a flavour you see a lot in South Africa either. I wanted the crunchy texture of Oreos thrown into my favourite vanilla ice cream because it’s really a delectable combination. Continue Reading →


bagel with wasabi cream cheese, smoked salmon, avo and pickled ginger

bagel with wasabi cream cheese, smoked salmon, avo and pickled ginger

I shamelessly stole this bagel idea from one of my favourite and luckily extremely local deli’s Kleinskys. They have it on the menu at the OZC Farmers Market on a Saturday and its called the Californian. It’s a delicious combination of wasabi cream cheese, smoked salmon (or trout), avocado and pickled ginger. Drizzled over the top they do a honey and soy reduction which gives it a salty sweet finish.  Continue Reading →


roasted strawberries with pimms, balsamic and ginger

roasted srtawberries with pimms, balsamic and ginger

This recipe for roasted strawberries with Pimms, balsamic and ginger has been in my recipe-to-do list for a few years. It’s from my friend Julie Lindhiem, a fellow passionate foodie and it’s a fantastic quick dessert to whip up at the end of a dinner party if you feel like minimal fuss. Strawberries drenched in boozy Pimms is always a good idea.

It’s also Friday the 13th so I can’t think of a better way to kick off 2017. I wish you a very happy year. I’m back from a short break – nothing exciting to report there, and did my first TV shoot this week, which culminated in me having a few excess strawberries.  Continue Reading →


my top 10 recipes for 2016

Last year and the year before I started doing a round-up of what I thought the best recipes for the year on were. I mean I’m the one who eats all this food so I should know. It’s always quite tricky to pick only ten because I cook and bake a lot of food in a year, but these are the recipes I’ve made again and will continue to do so in the future. They are my big keepers, and I think you will love them too. You can check out my best recipes for 2015 and 2014 if you like too.

2016 was a difficult year for many and it was a dreadful year on the global political landscape. I know a lot of people cant wait to kick it into touch. Personally it was another goodie for me where I got to go on two BIG food travel adventures. First to Israel – for a life changing food tour, and then to Bangkok and Vietnam for more food and travel fun. I was blessed with an abundance of work and potential opportunities that I have only dreamed of. I was able to turn down work I didn’t really like and spend more time on the projects I really loved. This is pretty much my biggest career goal, to do more of what I love and less of the bill-paying stuff. I worked with a few spectacular clients and hung out with amazing people. There was a LOT of fun.

Of course I ate too much food and drank far too much wine, so 2017 is going to have to look a little healthier, but in the meantime these are my top 10 recipes for the year.

I hope you enjoy them, thanks for popping by and I wish you the happiest New Year imaginable. 

The very best whole roasted cauliflower in the world

how to make the very best whole roasted cauliflower in the world

Roast chicken with stout rosemary & honey Continue Reading →


creamy masala mussels

Creamy masala mussels

A big pot of steamy mussels in a creamy masala sauce is the perfect dish to share. Make sure you have a nice loaf of crusty white bread to break off and dip into the delicious curry sauce. Continue Reading →


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