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the most delicious dish of mussels, leeks and bacon on sourdough toast

mussles, leeks and bacon on sourdough toast

This delicious recipe for mussels, leeks and bacon comes from Giles Edwards – the chef and owner of La Tête restaurant in Cape Town. He opened this spot in trendy Bree Street last November and specialized in a nose to tail menu concept rooted in French cooking. I also discovered that this fabulous eatery has so much more to offer for even a slightly unadventurous eater such as myself, and I had the most delicious lunch there last Friday. Continue Reading →


visit paternoster

Paternoster, West Coast, Western Cape

Paternoster is a quaint little fishing village up the West Coast about two hours drive from Cape Town and is well worth visiting. Not only do they have picturesque beaches, turquoise sea and white washed houses that at a glance make you think you are in Greece, it’s quite the culinary hotspot too. I finally got round to going this last long week-end and had a delicious time at Wolfgat, the Noisy Oyster and Gaaitjie restaurants. Continue Reading →


a west coast dining adventure at wolfgat

Wolfgat restaurant, Paternoster, West Coast, South Africa

Wolfgat restaurant, Paternoster, West Coast, South Africa

The highlight of my the week-end away in Paternoster was having lunch at Wolfgat on Saturday. I’ve been dying to go since Kobus van der Merwe’s opened it last year offering a unique Strandveld dining experience showcasing a selection of indigenous ingredients specific to their West Coast location. Kobus forages local plants and seaweed in a sustainable way and keeps his restaurant small (maximum of 24 seats) to maintanin sustainability. The menu is the culinary manifestation of the area and is hugely inspiring. Its like eating the Wes Coast. Some elements on the tasting menu take weeks of preparation (I saw loads of wild plants and herbs drying in the kitchen), while others are handpicked on the day. It’s a two and a half hour eating journey that takes you through around eight tasting dishes with an amuse or two. And the bread service, always setting the tone for what is to come and this was delectable. Two types of homemade bread with a pan of hot bubbling farm butter with seaweed. Sublime flavours and we literally scraped every last drop.  Continue Reading →


eat at chefs warehouse beau constantia

Yesterday we lunched at the brand new Chefs Warehouse at Beau Constantia Wine Estate and it was every bit as exceptional as I had imagined. Falling under the Liam Tomlin Chefs Warehouse stable of restaurants, the Beau Constantia kitchen is run by Ivor Jones (ex Test Kitchen), and we were all blown away by our meal. Ivor and his team of chefs work in an open plan kitchen that faces directly onto the restaurant floor, and service was seamless and a delight to watch. The menu runs along the same format as The Chefs Warehouse & Canteen where 8 tapas dishes for 2 are served as a set menu. You can add a bread service or oysters to start, and a few incredible desserts, cheese or chocolates to finish. Whilst you don’t get to pick and choose what you will eat, they will take into consideration any dietary requirements.

The Chefs Warehouse, Beau Constantia, Cape Town South Africa

They are also the only restaurant in the group that take reservations, which I’m pleased about, and think essential given the location. I love how this space has been opened up and expanded with elegant, contemporary and comfortable seating both inside and out. Slowly as they build to capacity all areas will be full. At the moment they are focusing on serving inside the restaurant, which is like a glass box with the most beautiful panoramic views of the Constantia Valley.

Ivor Jones, The Chefs Warehouse, Beau Constantia, Cape Town South Africa

The menu will evolve slightly with some dishes being updated but you can always expect 8 plates of utter deliciousness. Continue Reading →


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