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olympia cafe kalk bay

one of my favourite restaurants

Olympia café is without a doubt one of my favourite restaurants.  The original philosophy of the founders was to open on 5 days of the week and for breakfast and lunch only so that they could spend the rest of the time doing whats important in life.  The same laid back ‘just off the beach’ vibe still exists and I love the  honest food, especially the linguine del mare which I pretty much order every single time. If I lived closer to Kalk Bay, I would go there more often and order other things off the menu.  The ciabatta, which has been freshly baked  next door, drenched in olive oil and balsamic vinegar is part of the ritual of eating there that brings me back time and again.

delicious linguine with prawns, mussel and fresh fish

The restaurant is buzzy and has a vintage rustic feel that is so authentic. A lot of the cooking takes place inside which adds to the theatre of it all.  The waitresses are friendly and quirky and somehow the Boland Sauvignon Blanc (their house white) always tastes so delicious. 

a little mid week lunch with a special friend

black board menu

lots of lovely memories

fresh baked goodies


kalky's and kalk bay harbour

an institution in kalk bay

 I love Kalk Bay! It just seems to get better.  There are so  many little treasure trove places to visit its a mini adventure everytime I go.  I have so many ‘favourite’ places to visit when I am there, I rarely get to try any new ones, but on Saturday I got to go to Kalky’s for the first time. 

I have always seen and heard about it, but quite frankly thought it was far to grungy and greasy looking to go into.  What a pleasant surprise! I was with friends who wanted to eat fish & chips so off we went. 

very busy inside kalky's

 The place was packed and there was a steady queue at the counter.  The very generous and reasonably priced portions of battered fish and chips kept rolling out the kitchen.  All served on stainless steel plates and bowls and at wooden bench tables covered with red plastic table cloths.  Lovely! 

My friends ordered grilled yellowtail (which is green on the SASSI list), fishcakes and a salad which comes with an olive oil and coriander, pesto type dressing (which I thought was quite impressive given the surrounds), and everything was delicious (I had a little sample of each). 

very fresh fish and chips

 All the fish is freshly caught and available right there at the harbour. 

One of the highlights was a very charismatic waitress ‘Gadija”. 

Gadija - a delightful waitress

  I’m looking forward to going back when I want an authentic, local fish and chips eating experience. 

kalk bay harbour

buy some fish to take home - such fun talking to the fisherman

local kids fishing in the harbour


grand cafe & beach- granger bay

girls night out @ the grand cafe & beach

We had a fabulous girls night out to the Grand Cafe & Beach in Granger Bay on Friday night.  It’s quite amazing how they have turned an old rusty boat building and yard into a private beach and one of the trendiest restaurants in Cape Town.

a private little beach in front of the restaurant

It’s a sister to the Plett and Camps Bay Grand’s and has the same menu apart from the additional pizza oven (very nice indeed).

They are still going through a bit of an attitude crises as is common among new and uber trendy restaurants that have just opened in Cape Town, and are very strict around bookings for both drinks and dinner.  They seem to ‘lose’ bookings often, so luckily we had our printed confirmation. This same ‘situation’ was experienced by other friends of mine on the same night. One wonders what will happen in winter when the vast cavernous space inside will need to be filled with ‘locals’, I suspect the attitude will have changed by then.

sunset at the grand

The menu is small and in my view a little bit ordinary and limited for the premium prices that you pay. The food is good enough and among us we ate the linefish, calamari, fillet and the sirloin tagliata with shared salads and chips.

The tagliata  which is what I ordered was in my opinion the most interesting item on the menu and was delicious.  Lovely slices of grilled sirloin, with  a soy, garlic and chilli dressing, topped with rocket and parmesan shavings.

sirloin tagliata @ the grand

It’s a lovely chic little spot with an older crowd, but I think it would be more fun if they allowed more people into the bar and to create a bit of a vibe.  At a outragious R52 for a gin and tonic, I won’t be going there all that often.

nice for sundowners


willoughby & co – delicious sushi

rainbow reloaded delicious

 last night I was taken on a lovely date by a lovely man to Willoughby & co at the V & A Waterfront.  The sushi menu is extensive and is exceptional and if you don’t mind eating at a table in the middle of a mall, it’s some of the best you will find in Cape Town. 

The rainbow reloaded are delicious with a nice sweet and spicy edge.  We also shared the rock shrimp tempura on a tuna roll, which were very, very tasty indeed.  

my dinner last night

 The meal was washed down with a  Waterkloof Circumstance Sauvignon blanc, which is one of the best sauv’s I’ve tasted in a while. A very balanced wine.  We also had a glass of Ataraxia Sauvignon blanc afterwards which was nice, but not quite as good as the Circumstance. 

Willoughby & co is a superb all round seafood restaurant, with sushi options, oysters and other Japanese dishes.  Theres also a lovely little food shop tucked in the back which specialises in asian goodies


nobu cape town

the black cod den miso....taken on my phone

Last year I was spoiled by a very special old friend and taken to Nobu at the One & Only in Cape Town for dinner. The evening was superb,  from the first sip of bubbly at sunset to the last dance at Jade Lounge at 3am.

The whole meal and every morsel we ate at Nobu was exceptional and so off the chart amazing it actually left me feeling a little sad.  Sad that I can’t eat this sort of food all the time and sad that it has raised the benchmark so high that it leaves similar genre meals fading into the background by comparison.

One (of the many) highlights of the evening was the Black Cod den miso.  This is Alaskan cod (nothing like british cod) that is marinated in miso, hence the black appearance and is one of Nobuyuki Matsuhisa’s signature dishes in his restaurants.  At a staggering R435 per portion, I have to say it is one of the most beautiful things I have ever eaten.

I drank sake (warm) for the first time that night and it was delicious.  No doubt I was drinking a higher quality offering, so can’t really comment on this particular beverage more broadly.

Sushi is normally eaten at the end of the meal as a palette cleanser, but we regrettably didn’t get that far. The numerous other dishes that came before, like the white fish sashimi with dried garlic, the salmon skewers and the prawn tempura, rock shrimp style with jalapeño, ponzu and creamy spicy dipping sauce, left us with zero space for this.  So it’s very clear that I need to go back to this superb and vibrant restaurant.

generous portions to share


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