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the most delicious dish of mussels, leeks and bacon on sourdough toast

mussles, leeks and bacon on sourdough toast

This delicious recipe for mussels, leeks and bacon comes from Giles Edwards – the chef and owner of La Tête restaurant in Cape Town. He opened this spot in trendy Bree Street last November and specialized in a nose to tail menu concept rooted in French cooking. I also discovered that this fabulous eatery has so much more to offer for even a slightly unadventurous eater such as myself, and I had the most delicious lunch there last Friday. Continue Reading →


turkey caesars club sandwich with bacon

turkey caesars club sandwich

turkey caesars club sandwich

I have combined my favourite salad with my favourite sandwich and its all kinds of awesome. The ‘Caesars mayo’ is a quick cheat but delivers the right flavours. What better way to use up cold cuts than making a fabulous sandwich? You can serve this as a closed or open sandwich on bread that has been lightly toasted. Adjust the quantities according to how many you make.

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bacon and zucchini quiche

Bacon and zucchini quiche

Bacon and zucchini quiche

Bacon and zucchini quiche

My quest to find the perfect quiche recipe has ended, and by this I mean a proper pastry base quiche. I have more or less settled on a base that suits me. It’s easy to make, tastes great, and has the right amount of flakiness that I like in a pastry. Nothing soggy or too thick. The egg, cream and cheese filling mix is one I have been using for years, I just change the ingredients to make whatever quiche variation I feel like. I love to use tinned asparagus in it, and I also love to make a crustless quiche . I enjoy the variation I do using a whole wheat bread base which is quicker to make. You can check out my recipe with bacon and spinach – if only to see how my photography has improved since then. I adore zucchini and sort of feel like quiche is naked without bacon, so I’m thrilled with the results of this recipe. Continue Reading →


bacon, blue cheese and avo baguette

bacon, blue cheese and avo baguette

bacon. blue cheese and avo baguette

I simply love the combination of bacon, blue cheese and avo on a sandwich. I add slices of cucumber to add freshness and crunch.

Its all about using the best ingredients you can. Here I used Richard Bosman’s honey bacon which I bought from FFMM. I love the Simonsberg Simonzola, a creamy Italian style blue veined cheese which is a wonderful local cheese if you cant get hold of Gorgonzola. Avo’s are in season, so are perfect to add to salads and sandwiches now and offset the saltiness of the bacon and the cheese. The cucumber adds freshness and crunch.

I also enjoy a  good mature Cheddar with the above combination of flavours, so I made one of each.

bacon, blue cheese and avo baguette

bacon, blue cheese and avo baguette

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