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grapefruit brûlée with black pepper

grapefruit brûlée with black pepperI’m not a fan of the bitter flavour profile in food, but grapefruit is the one exception. I absolutely adore a juicy pink grapefruit and learnt in my teens how to enjoy it on its own, sans any sugar. I was no doubt dieting at the time. I have also discovered that a few grinds of black pepper adds wonderful flavour and gives the fruit a subtle nuance of heat – in a similar way to how it works so well with strawberries. Life is all about making the everyday special, and adding black pepper and sugar to your grapefruit, and then melting it under a blowtorch until it caramelises to a golden crisp, takes the whole eating experience to another level.

grapefruit brûlée with black pepper

You could pre segment the fruit in each half after its been cut, but I kind of like digging it out with a serrated spoon. That way I am assured that I will gauge out all the pink flesh. You can use whatever sugar you like. The darker the sugar the more caramel the flavour. I settled on a light brown sugar, but next time I want to try it with palm sugar, because this is hands down my most favourite sugar in the world. Continue Reading →


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