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brie and red grape tartines

brie and red grape tartines

These brie and red grape tartines are delicious open toasted sandwiches that hover between savoury and sweet and would sit perfectly at a brunch or on a cheese board with other nibbly bits. Continue Reading →


roast leg of lamb with rosemary, garlic, harissa and lemon + easter feast

Roast leg of lamb with rosemary, garlic, lemon and harissa

When it comes to roasting an expensive leg of lamb I tend to be quite stuck in my ways. The recipe I love and always turn to is Jamie Oliver’s four-hour shoulder of lamb from his book ‘Jamie At Home’, and it’s perfect in its simplicity. Other than the delicious flavour of rosemary and garlic, which is excellent with lamb, it’s the method that I am particularly fond of. Whether you roast a shoulder or a leg, the outcome is the most succulent fall-off the bone meat imaginable. It also requires so little effort it literally cooks itself. Continue Reading →


cooking with braai planks

I have been wanting to cook and braai on wood since first seeing this technique on Iron Chef America, one of my favourite cooking shows. Luckily this is now all possible with the introduction of Geobasket’s fabulous braai (barbecue) planks. Also known as ‘grilling planks’, these aromatic pieces of wood come in pure Maple, Alder and Oak.

I asked my friend Fritz from Real Men Can Cook to collaborate with me on this experiment because he is a full on braai expert and I on the other hand am not.

We plotted and planned, set a date, and thought up a few recipes ideas to try out on the planks.

Matching the flavour of the wood to food is similar to a food and wine pairing. We also threw some wine in the mix and soaked the Alder plank in red wine for the steak.

This is how me matched the wood:

  • Alder – Steak
  • Maple – pork
  • Oak – brie and Parma ham
  • Oak – marinaded black mushrooms

You need to soak the planks for at least an hour in water or another liquid. We soaked the Alder in red wine and the maple in apple juice over night to really let the liquid (and flavour) sink in.

These are our 4 recipes:

1. parma ham wrapped brie with thyme and garlic bruschetta

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