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chicken & mushroom stroganoff with crispy sage

Delicious and easy chicken & mushroom stroganoff

2 months ago I was approached by UCook to test out a few of their home delivery meals. To cook them up and then let people know what I thought about them on social media. Little did I know, or could I ever have imagined that I would become so dependent on them and cannot image the past few weeks without my weekly suppers being sorted. On the weeks they weren’t delivered, I really missed them. I’m flat out useless at planning my own meals, so this really worked out for me. This recipe for chicken stroganoff with mushrooms and crispy sage served with roasted butternut and broccoli is one of their delicious meals from their low carb menu and is really very easy to make. Continue Reading →


squid ink ravioli with broccoli and ricotta

squid ink ravioli with broccoli and ricotta

I have been dying to make squid ink pasta and to try out my new pasta machine, and this recipe presented the perfect opportunity to do both. I wanted to make a filling based around the ultra lip-smackingly delicious broccoli and anchovy pasta dish I published a while ago, and to capture the essence of that. I added ricotta to give the filling some structure and I have to say I’m thrilled with the results.

squid ink ravioli with broccoli and ricotta

Woolworths who are one of the main sponsors of the new MasterChef Celebrity series, asked me create a recipe using broccoli. Its their magic ingredient on their stunning website this week. They have created some amazing ideas using broccoli as inspiration. You simply have to see this amazing little food film turning broccoli into radical food porn. Nothing excites me more than taking a humble vegetable and turning it into something spectacular. Each week they will be posting delicious ideas to inspire you to cook like a master chef. Continue Reading →


broccoli & blue cheese soup

broccoli and blue cheese soup

Its been a particularly cold winter. But then we probably say that every year.  What I do know is that when the cold fronts come rolling into Cape Town and batter down on us, soup becomes a staple in my house. Continue Reading →


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