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hot cross cinnamon sticky buns





If a hot cross bun and a sticky cinnamon bun had a baby, this would be the result. It’s all kinds of fresh bread heaven, cross buttery caramel goodness, with raisins and citrus flavours thrown in for good Easter measure.

So I have been planning this recipe for absolute ages and since it’s the only Easter recipe I’m doing this year I wanted to make sure it was 100% perfect. I researched extensively and settled on 2 recipes as my base inspiration. I went forth and made the dough, allowed it to prove for hours then kept it in the fridge overnight as many recipes recommend. Took it out the next day. Let it prove further, before baking it off. I also tested 3 caramel topping recipes. I didn’t want the honey flavour, and I wanted the consistency to be perfect. I still was not completely happy with the overall result. The cinnamon buns tasted great but they were not the feathery-light brioche dough that I was looking for.

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crepe pancakes filled with caramel and bananas

crepe pancakes filled with caramel and bananas

crepe pancakes filled with caramel and bananas

I have fond memories of eating something similar to this at pancake place in Mowbray many years ago. I can’t remember the name. When I refer to pancake, it is in the South African context which is along the European lines of a crepe and not an American-style thicker pancake. Pancakes are pretty versatile and are wonderful served simply with cinnamon sugar and a squeeze of lemon, but I love the combination of fresh banana’s with caramel. Rolled up in a pancake its pure heaven for me. Warmed even better. A dollop of vanilla ice cream to finish off this dish is a must.

As far as pancakes (crepes) go, I have been on a mission to find the perfect recipe. With only four ingredients, how hard could it be? I found my moms recipe but it had such huge quantities which were difficult to divide, so I turned to two well-known international celebrity chefs for their recipes and was dissaponted in both. One was too fluffy and the other too eggy with crisp edges. I just wasnt winning, I tweeted about my dilemma and a friend of mine @BigBigJoe1 alerted me to his favourite recipe by well known South African foodie Peter Veldsman, from his book ‘Food of the Century’. It is one of the best tasting crepe recipes I’ve found with a lovely texture that holds a filling very well. Continue Reading →


caramel & banana croissant pudding

The inspiration behind this recipe goes back a very long way.  It must have been about 7 or 8 years ago when I attended the DSTV BBC food channel launch into South Africa. It was the first dedicated food channel we got in our bouquet. As part of this launch, I had front row seats to a ‘ready, steady cook’ between Antony Worrall Thompson and Alan Coxon.

I was terribly excited but also quite shy as I desperately wanted to volunteer to be one of the assistants.

One of the things that impressed me the most aside from the very calm way in which these chefs put together a three course meal in a very speedy thirty minutes, was a dessert that Antony made. I got to taste it at the end, and have had it at the back of my mind to make my own version of since.

Banana + caramel + cream = a match made in heaven for me.

He took a croissant (could be slightly stale), tore it up and addded to it a banana caramel sauce and cream and baked it.

It was intensly sweet and rich.

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