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coq au chardonnay

Coq au Chardonnay

I have been wanting to make a coq au Chardonnay for so long, and after a fair amount of research into the recipe, I had a clear idea how I was going to approach it. I wanted to make a white wine version of the famous coq au vin and I wanted to use one of my favourite Chardonnay.  Continue Reading →


chicken and red wine casserole with herb dumplings

red wine chicken casserole with herb dumplings

red wine chicken casserole with herby dumplings

This is a super easy and tasty ‘coq au vin’ style casserole that cooks slowly until the chicken falls off the bone. The herb dumplings turn it onto a hearty winter dish, but you can leave this out and serve it with mashed potatoes, cous-cous or rice instead.

I made this in my new Breville Multi Chef, which is a fantastic stand-alone cooking appliance. It can make risotto perfectly and generally appears to be the all-round-perfect-rice-cooker-machine. I can’t wait to get busy with recipes for these. It has a steamer basket that can steam anything imaginable in, and it’s also a slow cooker with two settings. Low slow and high slow, so a nice crock-pot for lengthy slow cooking using smaller quantities. I opted for the high slow setting, and cooked this red wine chicken casserole for a total of 2 hours 45 minutes. I love it when the meat starts falling off the bone. Continue Reading →


roast red wine chicken


This delicious roast red wine chicken comes from Rachel Khoo’s second cook book – My Little French Kitchen and follows on from her wildly popular book and TV series- My Little Paris Kitchen. Rachel takes the reader on a journey across France, and is as much a visual treat as it is a collection of regional French recipes. The book is shot by David Loftus, who also happens to shoot all of Jamie Oliver’s stuff. It is beautiful. Continue Reading →


lettuce tacos with chipotle chicken and grilled pineapple salsa




I did a variation of my favourite lettuce tacos with chipotle chicken, and knocked up a delicious spicy grilled pineapple salsa to go with them. So easy, so delicious and really quite a lot healthier than tacos with a tortilla. Also way more crunchy.

I wanted to come up with a few new ideas with pineapples (I had a few extra after a shoot), so in addition to the pineapple carpaccio and frozen pineapple daiquiri’s I made these wraps. Continue Reading →


chicken, leek and mushroom pancake bake

chicken, leek and mushroom pancake bake

chicken, leek and mushroom pancake bake

A couple of weeks ago I discovered a perfect pancake recipe, and I had loads leftover after making my caramel and banana stuffed pancakes. I decided to do a savoury recipe. I love to use pancakes instead of pasta to make a cannelloni-type baked dish, it works in  the same way, but is somehow lighter and less stodgy.

I did what I typically do when creating a recipe, I use what ingredients I have on hand, and as a food stylist I often have loads of food left over from a shoot. Not necessarily everything I want, but I’m forced to be creative with ingredients I have and not to waste food. It also gives me a perfect reason to keep creating for Drizzle and Dip while saving money and keeping me well fed. This can also be an occupational hazard, as often, and what is lately the case, I make food that is not that healthy and I shouldn’t be eating. Next year I am going to have to change this strategy slightly as I need to tighten my belt (literally) and get back onto a healthier eating regime.

This chicken, leek and mushroom filling is a great all round pie filling and can be used to make other kinds of chicken pies. Top with mashed potatoes, puff pastry or roll it in phyllo like I did with this serpent pie. It can easily be adapted to other vegetables too. Zucchini and spinach would work well. Continue Reading →


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