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home made baked beans with chipotle

Beans are front line soldiers in your culinary arsenal and pack a huge nutritional punch. They are super affordable and loaded with fiber. I mean loaded. They offer protein – which is especially important if you are vegan or vegetarian and all round should be included more in our diets. This recipe for home made baked beans with chipotle is delicious and fantastic served on toast for lunch or a light supper. I’ve kept this recipe vegan, but add an egg, bacon or cheese if you want more protein in the mix. Continue Reading →


sticky BBQ spare ribs with a coffee and pepper rub

sticky BBQ spare ribs with a coffee and pepper rub

I made these sticky BBQ ribs for a recent Crush Magazine feature about recipes with coffee. I tweaked my previous version of it to make these.

This recipe takes time but there is minimal effort involved. The coffee and pepper rub adds such an amazing depth of flavour, you will want to put it on all your meat in the future. The slow roasting leaves the meat falling off the bone, and the barbecue sauce will have you licking your lips. If you cant get hold of chipotle chillies, substitute with finely chopped pickled jalapeno chillies. I cook the chipotle barbecue sauce for around an hour, until it becomes sticky, thick and delicious. Continue Reading →


lettuce tacos with chipotle chicken and grilled pineapple salsa




I did a variation of my favourite lettuce tacos with chipotle chicken, and knocked up a delicious spicy grilled pineapple salsa to go with them. So easy, so delicious and really quite a lot healthier than tacos with a tortilla. Also way more crunchy.

I wanted to come up with a few new ideas with pineapples (I had a few extra after a shoot), so in addition to the pineapple carpaccio and frozen pineapple daiquiri’s I made these wraps. Continue Reading →


lettuce ‘tacos’ with chipotle chicken

lettuce 'tacos' with chipotle chicken

lettuce 'tacos' with chipotle chicken

lettuce 'tacos' with chipotle chicken

Lettuce tacos with chipotle chicken

The world seems to have gone mad for carb-free food, so this recipe is inspired by you lot out there who like your tacos but don’t like your tortilla.

I constantly crave the flavours of Mexican cuisine, and this recipe ticks this box in a big way for me. Packed with flavour, it leaves you feeling rather angelic as it’s virtually devoid of any fat or carbohydrates.

Oh and lets not forget about the crunch factor. When you shroud your spicy chicken strips and salsa in a crispy lettuce leaf the whole thing becomes a texture adventure with a mingling of hot and cold, raw and cooked and is pretty much a perfect meal for me. Continue Reading →


sticky chipotle barbecue ribs in my big green egg

sticky barbecue chipotle ribs

Quite a lot of research, thought and energy went into the creating of this recipe and blog post and I must thank my friend Laurence for all his help and input.

It went a little like this:

Firstly, my new Big Green Egg arrived and I have been giddy with excitement for weeks about this and plotting and planning what to make in it first. Excited as well as a little insecure. I have never owned my own braai (barbecue), and I wanted to make sure that I did something that went beyond what a normal braai could do, and to show-off the immense capabilities of this cooking phenomenon. I also wanted to make sure I didn’t mess things up, so I called Laurence to help me through my first firing up and cook out.

I decided to do ribs. I wanted slowly braised pork ribs, with a chipotle barbecue sauce. I imagined gooey, sticky sauce over succulent ribs that fell off the bone. Continue Reading →


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