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decadent chocolate & pine nut tart

Decadent chocolate & pine nut tart

This decadent and utterly delicious chocolate tart is the only one you will ever need. I’ve added pine nuts to break the intense chocolate and add delicious nutty flavour and texture. Make this at an occasion you really want to impress. 

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baked stout chocolate doughnuts with a chocolate glaze

baked stout chocolate doughnuts with a chocolate glaze

The richness of the chocolate milk stout works perfectly with these baked chocolate doughnuts, adding depth without overpowering. They are a delicious alternative to fried doughnuts and are very easy to whip up.

Ok so I know that baking a doughnut is kind of cheating and I resisted for a while, but then I spotted one of the pans and thought why the hell not? I mean the calorie saving plus the mess-chaos avoidance after deep-frying are enough of a reason to get me on board. Then I love cooking and baking with milk stout, especially the Castle Milk Stout Chocolate, so this was a perfect fit. They are so super easy and very quick to bake.  Continue Reading →


3 ingredient, no churn, vegan chocolate ice cream {video}

3 ingredient - no churn - chocolate ice cream {vegan}

This is one of those fantastic recipes that almost feels like a miracle. Three ingredients are combined with a minimal amount of intervention to create an outstanding ice cream with a dreamy texture. No ice cream maker is required either, so anyone with a food processor can make it. On top of that it’s also vegan, so if you are avoiding dairy, this one is for you. Continue Reading →


decadent chocolate nutella brownies

decadent chocolate nutella brownies

These chocolate Nutella brownies should come with a health warning as they are ridiculously decadent, and I apologise for that. I know its January and we are all trying to kick off the new year on a healthier note. I made them in December for a dinner party and wanted to use up some of the Nutella I had left over from a shoot, so I’m posting this a little after the fact. Continue Reading →


banana bread with blueberries and chocolate

banana bread with blueberries and chocolate

banana bread with blueberries and chocolate

I think I went a little OTT with this one, but I figured the world doesn’t need another banana bread recipe (yawn), so I mixed it up. Blueberries, banana and chocolate are all happy flavor partners and I had all three on hand. I also felt like baking, which is happening a lot these days. The onset of winter and my intense desire to nest at home goes hand in hand with turning on my oven and baking delicious treats or bread. Continue Reading →


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