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goan meatball curry with cauliflower ‘rice’

goan meatball curry with cauliflower rice

This Goan meatball curry is a comforting mild curry dish with tomato, coconut and Garam masala. It’s perfect for a mid-week meal in winter to keep the chills at bay. The cauliflower ‘rice’ keeps this whole meal low carb, but I think it would be better with rice. Continue Reading →


indian salmon curry skewers

indian salmon curry skewers

I’ve been mildly obsessed with salmon and curry since eating the delicious tandoori salmon skewers from The Taj a few years back. I’m still determined to convert my Big Green Egg into a tandoor oven because it has the ability to be one, but for now I made this recipe for Indian salmon skewers with a delicious curry sauce because it’s so much easier to do.

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creamy masala mussels

Creamy masala mussels

A big pot of steamy mussels in a creamy masala sauce is the perfect dish to share. Make sure you have a nice loaf of crusty white bread to break off and dip into the delicious curry sauce. Continue Reading →


roasted cauliflower with curry spices and dukkah


Roasting cauliflower is by far my favorite way of eating this wondrous vegetable that can masquerade as anything from a sauce to a carbohydrate. The texture is at its edible best and the flavour is so much stronger. I like to cut them into ‘steaks’ as they look quite striking on a plate, but cauliflower florets can also be roasted in the same way. Continue Reading →


roasted cauliflower with curry, cumin and dukkah

roasted cauliflower with curry, cumin and dukkah

I think cauliflower is a bit of an underrated vegetable because it can often be bland, soggy and tends to get doused in too much sauce.  I think its relative ‘plain-ness’ gives it an advantage in that it absorbs a variety of flavours well, and when cooked correctly can offer up some stunning crunchy texture. This is why I like to cook it dry in the oven with spicy flavours. Continue Reading →


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