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a mushroom forage at delheim

A mushroom forage at Delheim, Stellenbosch, South Africa

Last Friday I headed out to Stellenbosch to attend a morning of mushroom foraging and feasting at Delheim. They host guided mushroom forage events during the winter months and its a wonderful opportunity to get close to the forest floor and experience the mesmerising world of fungi growing in the wild.  Continue Reading →


apples poached in 1987 delheim edelspatz

sweet and syrupy

A friend was clearing out his old wine collection which had been stored under the stairs at his parents house in Rondebosch.  Some of the wine had been there for a very long time. 

About a week before we had opened at least 5 reds, all of which were so past consumption and had to be poured down the drain (let this be a lesson not too leave it too long).  I was holding out a bit more hope for the nobel late harvest.  I have a bottle of 1985 Nederberg Edelkeur, personally signed by the very charismatic winemaker at the time, Gunter Brozel, and was told that it could be drunk on my deathbead.

signed by Gunter Brozel

I think the 1987 Delheim Edelspatz would give a good indication of what I could expect.

my1985 nederburg edelkeur with the 1987 delheim edelspatz before it became pudding

It was very dark but tasted sort of alright.  We werent quite sure, so I called a wine guru friend and sent a pic. He seemed to think it didnt matter that it had gone very dark, and would be typical of such an old vintage, but he said if it tasted ok it was good.  It had lost a lot of the character I associate with this cultivar, so the verdict was to rather turn it into a dessert.

I quartered and cored 3 apples, into a pot, wine over and poached for 20 mintes on a low heat.  I removed the apples and then simmered the wine until it had reduced and thickened.  The apples were added back.

I reheated them that night briefly for dessert and we ate them with my tonka bean ice cream which is still lurking around.  Completely and utterly sublime.  We drank a 2009 Ken Forrester Chenin Blanc Reserve, which was a perfect partner and an utterly delicious wine.

So simple, with just 2 ingredients magic was made.  

I’m so not going to be waiting for my deathbed to drink my 1985 Edelkeur, Im going to open it, check it out, and feel no dissapointement if it needs to connect with apples or perhaps pears.

a perfect winters dessert

apples in edelspatz


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