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toffee, salted pretzel & chocolate bark

toffee, pretzel & chocolate bark

I took my favourite crunchy toffee recipe – that totally melts in your mouth, and added salted pretzels to it, because I mean, who doesn’t love that. It also breaks the sweetness of the caramel giving it some relief. The chocolate on top is 70% which I would recommend. Once again to break the sweetness and adding a small bitter note. 

toffee, pretzel & chocolate bark

I use a digital thermometer for all sweet-making; that way there is little room for error. Sugar can change in a matter of seconds when heated through various stages, so it’s advisable to remain totally focused and keep monitoring the temperature exactly. If you definitely don’t have one, then cook your caramel until it starts turning golden brown. By this I mean a darker colour. It stays a lightish golden colour for ages, so you will need to stir for around 10 minutes before the alchemy happens and the molten, buttery sugar suddenly moves to the hard crack stage. The old school way of checking is to drop a piece of toffee in a glass of water and then taste to determine at what stage it is at. Prepare well and have everything you need on hand, before you begin. Also, don’t ever, I mean ever be tempted to lick the spoon while making caramel, no matter how delicious it looks.  Continue Reading →


the machane yehuda market in jerusalem

Machane Yehuda Market in Jerusalem

The Machane Yehuda Market in Jerusalem is an icon in Israel and one of the most vibrant and exciting markets I have ever visited. It has a long history dating back to the Ottoman period, but todays space is more modern while still holding onto an old-world appeal. When the stalls shut down, it turns into the hottest venue in Jerusalem’s night life, with bars, restaurants and live music venues taking over the space.

Machane Yehuda Market in Jerusalem

I have just got back from the most amazing food tour to Israel and if you follow me on Instagram you would have seen all the delicious food pics I have been posting under the #VibeFood hashtag. I was invited by Vibe Israel along with 5 other international digital influencers to experience the best that the Israeli culinary scene has to offer. In short I was blown away, and I can’t wait to tell a few stories about my trip. I’m also planning to share amazing recipes, so brace yourself for some Middle Eastern flavours. In the meantime I loved the Machane Yehuda market so much and stayed on in Jerusalem for 3 nights after the tour ended so I could get a proper dose of it. I obviously took hundreds of pictures, so this is my visual story of the market, a must-do place to visit in Israel. I can’t adequately express how much I loved taking these images and sharing  them with you here Continue Reading →


rustic lamb pie

Lamb pie

We are in throes of winter here in South Africa and this rustic lamb pie with a potato galette topping is the perfect comfort dish to cosy up with. It’s also a wonderful way to feed a crowd. You can make most of it in advance, allowing the meat to slowly braise while you get on doing other things. Like sipping red wine in front of a fire.

The recipe comes from my first cookbook ‘Drizzle and Dip‘ and is a favourite of mine. I have also had excellent feedback from others who have made it. Continue Reading →


my top 10 recipes for 2014

I absolutely loved this year for so many reasons and not least of all because I got to cook and bake some incredible things. The one thing you can’t transfer in an image and a blog post is the taste of a dish, so I thought I’d share what my tastiest and favourite recipes for 2014 were. Recipes I have either made again or very much intend to.

chickpea and chorizo tapas with sherry

Chickpeas with chorizo and sherry

This dish is definitely one of the tastiest and easiest to make with mostly store cupboard staples. A perfect tapas to share with crusty white bread or toast.

salmon burger on a black brioche bun with crunchy greens

Salmon burger on a black brioche bun

My love for bread baking has intensified this year, and these black squid ink brioche buns were a highlight for me. Drop dead gorgeous looking with a beautiful soft texture. The salmon burger is packed with flavour and topped with crunchy greens. I’m super proud of this recipe.

gua bao with hoisin and ginger pulled pork

Gua bao with hoisin and ginger pulled pork

I mastered steamed buns this year and tweaked my ginger beer pulled pork recipe by adding hoisin sauce and cooking it in a slow cooker for unbelievable results. I made this the other day again for a friends party and everyone went mad. Continue Reading →


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