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pasta con ceci

Pasta con Ceci

A friend on Twitter posted about this famous Pasta con Ceci recipe by Victoria Granof on Food52 Genius recipes and it immediately piqued my interest. How could such a simple pasta dish consisting of so few ingredients be so delicious? I often find carb on carb doesn’t work that well together in a dish. I mean they certainly can, and I’ve loved pasta with potatoes, green beans and pesto, and thinly sliced potatoes on a pizza with rosemary and cream, so I know it can go down. I’m also not the biggest fan of chickpeas unless in this delicious dish with chorizo, or into Yotam Ottolenghi’s creamy hummus. Continue Reading →


tortellini & italian sausage meatball bake with spinach

tortellini & italian sausage meatball bake with spinach

I wanted to combine Italian sausages, turn them into bite-sized meatballs and bake them in a rich tomato sauce with the tortellini because this kind of pasta dish is my absolute heaven. It’s a whole lot quicker and easier than making lasagne and delivers a similar result. This is winter comfort food at its best. Continue Reading →


easy miso ramen recipe with roast chicken and mushrooms

easy miso ramen recipe with roast chicken and mushrooms

I’ve been craving fresh tasting Asian broth with ramen for a while and wanted to figure out a recipe that I could quickly whip up at any given moment. The base of this one has dashi and miso, which pack the umami punch, and I used a homemade chicken stock from my freezer that is liquid gold. Chicken stock is actually not the best stock to use for this broth as its fairly strong, but I was adding roast chicken to the dish so went with it anyway. Just make sure your stock is quite mild or alternatively use a nice gentle vegetable stock. Chopped up exotic mushrooms and baby spinach were my additional fillings but really you can add anything that you like. Continue Reading →


Quick and easy cranberry & orange scones

Quick and easy cranberry & orange scones

Mothers day is coming up this Sunday and what better way to spoil the women that brought you into the world than baking her something delicious. These cranberry and orange scones are super easy and very quick to make, so will be perfect for tea or as breakfast pudding. I know this might not be a thing in your life but it really should be. A little sweet treat at the end of a lazy weekend breakfast. I made these using Lurpak butter which makes them extra special. Continue Reading →


hot cross bun french toast waffles

Hot cross bun french toast waffles

Easter is nearly upon us and I’ve always got hot cross buns lying around. I absolutely adore them. I stash them in the freezer too so I always have them at easy reach. This recipe for hot cross bun French toast waffles is a fun and easy way to turn your buns into a more substantial breakfast treat and builds on from my previous recipe for french toast waffles.  Continue Reading →


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