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roasted peppers stuffed with cherry tomatoes, feta and olives

peppers stuffed with cherry tomatoes, garlic, feta and olives

Whenever peppers are in season or if there are excess lying around, I always default to this amazing Simon Hopkinson recipe for Piedmontese peppers. It really is my all time favourite way to eat them. The flesh roasts to soft perfection with the garlic and tomatoes, and the fresh basil and anchovy fillets take it to a heavenly level. Serve a platter of these along with crusty bread and other salady bits and you have a summer meal that will have your guests salivating.  Continue Reading →


roast chicken in white wine, herbs and garlic

roast white wine and herb chicken

Roast chicken has to be one of  the most comforting dishes in the world and I could never tire of it, especially when its cooked in loads of wine, garlic and herbs. Of course a whole birds is a thing of beauty, but for variation, I like to roast it broken up in pieces so it wallows in all the pan juices and cooks a whole lot quicker. Continue Reading →


sweet potato shoestring fries with garlic and rosemary

purple sweet potato shoestring fries with rosemary and garlic

Two things transpired causing this recipe to happen in my life. Firstly, I went to the Spotted Pig when I was in NYC recently and their shoestring fries with rosemary and garlic blew me away. Secondly, I went shopping with my friend Shanna from PineappleandCoconut.com while in Vegas for Uncork’d and we stumbled upon these purple sweet potatoes. I had never tasted or seen them before so just had to buy them. I knew I was with a foodie kindred spirit when she didnt flinch at me buying poatatoes to transport half way round the world. Continue Reading →


roasted tomato and red pepper pasta with and aubergine and olives

roasted tomato and red pepper pasta with and aubergine and olives

I have become somewhat obsessed with Piedmontese Peppers and all the flavours of this very simple and exquisite dish. I wanted to try to capture some of that with this pasta. I love roasted aubergine too so added that in, along with a good handful of back olives, cherry tomatoes and torn basil leaves. It’s a dry pasta vs one drowned in the ubiquitous red sauce. The peppers and tomatoes give off amazing juice during the roasting which together with the olive oil makes an adequate coating for my pasta. I add lots of grated Parmesan to finish it off too.

I add the anchovies at the end like you would with Piedmontese Peppers. This way you max out on their flavour and they don’t disintegrate during the cooking. Add as much as you like, but I think 2 – 3 tablespoons is amazing. Continue Reading →


zupppa di pesce

hearty seafood soup

I’m a little unsure what to call this. Its much more hearty than a soup, but I don’t like the word stew. My preference is to call it Zuppa di Pesce, but my version is not specifically traditional. It does however adhere to the basic premise of the dish being a garlic and tomato base sauce with assorted seafood. So if you are Italian and are offended that I have left something out, please forgive me.

I’ve adapted this recipe from my spicy calamari soup in my cookbook, and chunked it up with a mussels and line fish making it next level stuff. You can add whatever mix of seafood and shellfish you have available, but sustainable is most definitely advised.

* If you are in South Africa and want to instantly check the status of a fish, you need to put the following number into your cell phone: 0794998795

If you are unsure whether the fish you are about to eat / buy  is sustainable or not, simply sms the name of the fish to the above number and you will receive a reply immediately informing you of the status of the fish, or visit the SASSI website to learn more. I do this ALL the time. In restaurants and in fish shops. Continue Reading →


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