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passion fruit meringue ice cream

granadilland meringue ice cream

passion fruit and meringue ice cream

passionfruit and meringue ice cream

passionfruit and meringe ice cream

passionfruit meringe ice cream

passionfruit and meringue ice cream

I was going to try to make this into a passion fruit meringue pie ice cream but after tasting it with just the passion fruit curd and meringue, I didn’t think it needed another ingredient. However a few buttery biscuit crumbs such as digestives – sprinkled over the ice cream at the end, along with the crumbled meringue could be very nice too. I simply love the name passion fruit and all the wonderful connotations that come to mind with it. It truly is very exotic and even sexy as fruits go. Here in South Africa we call them granadilla – a slightly less sexy name, and so for  the benefit of a more international audience I shall refer to them as the former.

It’s worth making the components to this ice cream from scratch and in advance with the advantage that they make more than what you require. I have used my passion fruit curd, which is a lovely and easy recipe and lasts a few weeks in the fridge. I made this batch with the last of the seasons fruit recently and its perfect to spread on biscuits or cakes or simply spoon out the jar. It also freezes very well if you want to store it for a later occasion.

For the meringues I followed the recipe for these pink swirl meringues, simply leaving out the pink and making them smaller. I also adjusted the baking time to 1 1/4 hours and lowered the oven temperature to 110 C. Once they were baked I turned the oven off and allowed them to cool inside.

If however you are able to find good quality meringues and passion fruit curd, it could save time by buying these in. This recipe would also be lovely with lemon curd and more along the lines of a lemon meringue ice cream. Continue Reading →


passion fruit meringue pie


passion fruit meringue pie

I decided to give the classic ‘lemon meringue pie’ a repackaging job, deconstruct it a bit, and serve it in individual glasses. I also used granadilla (passion fruit) curd instead of lemon curd which is soft and unctuous, and better suited dolloped into this layered dessert. Continue Reading →


easy passion fruit curd

passion fruit curd

This passion fruit or granadilla curd is the perfect balance of sweetness to tart, is very easy to make, and is a wonderful decadent treat in summer. Continue Reading →


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