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super healthy green smoothie

super healthy green smoothie

The base recipe for this super healthy green smoothie comes from a wonderful organic farm in Israel called Farma Cultura, located on the outskirts of Tel Aviv in the village of Bnei Zion. This little farm is exactly the kind of place you want to have right in your own neighbourhood. They grow an array of incredible organic produce and have a little shop on the property where they sell it along with various prepared dishes which are all freshly made by themselves. We popped in for a short visit while I was on my spectacular food tour to Israel in January and took a tour of the garden. Owner Gil Shacham-Amit and her husband made their green smoothie for us and it was delicious. Continue Reading →


spicy kale chips with tahini and sesame

kale chips with tanini and sesame seeds

So since I got back from my unbelievable trip to Israel in January, I’ve been all over tahini. It’s a stalwart ingredient in Middle Eastern cuisine and it swings across the savoury and sweet spectrum with its bitter, nutty flavour. It’s a key component in hummus, the main part of halva and as far as I’m concerned we need to be using it a LOT more. With a consistency of runny nut butter, it really is fantastic to add to dips, sauces and desserts.  Continue Reading →


granola bars with honey & maple

granola bars with honey & maple

You know that feeling after spending a few hours working on something and then realise it is all wrong? Well that is how I felt yesterday after making my first little recipe video on my own. As soon as I started downloading the files it dawned on me that I shot the whole thing in portrait mode. An epic fail. I also should know better and I do know this. Perhaps it’s because I’m so hard-wired in terms of how I shoot my stills – which is 99% in portrait, I just set up all my equipment and got busy.

granola bars with honey & maple

The whole thing happened quite spontaneously and I had no plans to make a video. I needed to retest this granola recipe that appears in my book, so I thought, why not just shoot myself doing it in the process? Continue Reading →


roasted cauliflower with curry spices and dukkah


Roasting cauliflower is by far my favorite way of eating this wondrous vegetable that can masquerade as anything from a sauce to a carbohydrate. The texture is at its edible best and the flavour is so much stronger. I like to cut them into ‘steaks’ as they look quite striking¬†on a plate, but cauliflower florets can also be roasted in the same way. Continue Reading →


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