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cucumber and gin martini

cucumber and gin martini

This very refreshing cucumber and Hendrick’s gin martini was a by-product of a large batch of tzatziki I was making over Easter to go with my roast leg of lamb. It seemed like such a waste to pour the juice down the drain. Cucumber is a classic garnish for a gin and tonic and in particular a Hendrick’s gin and tonic. You just need to read the comments section on my post about how to make the perfect gin and tonic to see how many people prefer it to citrus. I thought additional mint would compliment the cucumber well in this martini. Continue Reading →


how to make the best gin and tonic

If you are going to make a gin and tonic, you may as well make it right.

What seems like a perfectly simple drink consisting of 2 ingredients and a garnish, deserves a little more attention. Of course this is all a matter of my opinion but let me give you a bit of background. Continue Reading →


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