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butternut scones with cheese and herbs {video}

butternut scones with cheese and herbs {video}

You know those golden recipes you keep making again and again which are too good not to share more than once? Well this is one of those recipes. I have made these scones using pumpkin, Parmesan and thyme, and a version with butternut and chives and they were both fabulous. I love them so much I decided to make them again using a mixture of herbs and I think these may be my favourite. I used a combination of rosemary, basil and thyme to give these savoury cheese scones a strong herbaceous kick.   Continue Reading →


roast chicken in white wine, herbs and garlic

roast white wine and herb chicken

Roast chicken has to be one of  the most comforting dishes in the world and I could never tire of it, especially when its cooked in loads of wine, garlic and herbs. Of course a whole birds is a thing of beauty, but for variation, I like to roast it broken up in pieces so it wallows in all the pan juices and cooks a whole lot quicker. Continue Reading →


raw beetroot and carrot salad with herbs and other bits

raw beetroot and carrot salad with herbs

My body has been plagued with a ghastly respiratory flu virus over the last two weeks so I have been craving nutrition dense food to bring it back to health. Raw beetroot is delicious, but I feel it needs the carrot, other fresh herbs, seeds and nuts to make it interesting. You could add cheese, but I’m trying to observe my calorie intake, so left the crumbly feta out. I made a dressing with orange and lemon juice to give it zest. The salad literally sucks it all up. An extra fennel and yoghurt dressing adds a cool and tart dimension to top it off.

raw beetroot and carrot salad with herbs, almonds, sunflower seeds

This salad could be served with any grilled meats, lamb or fish. I ate it on its own and loved the textural contrast of the cold and creamy with the crunchy.

This is one of those salads¬†you can adapt to your own taste. I hate to waste the top green stems of a fennel bulb, so I finely chopped about 1/2 a cup of that in too. I also added a good 2 tablespoons of fennel leaves along with the bunch of fresh parsley. I probably would have added fennel bulb, but I’d shaved it all onto my fennel and radish salad. After mixing the salad in a bowl and allowing the dressing to soak in, I served it on a bed of wild rocket leaves which adds to the flavour. Continue Reading →


easy cheese and onion bread with herbs

easy cheese and onion bread with herbseasy cheese and onion bread with herbs

easy cheese and onion bread with herbs

I love easy bread recipes. Ones that don’t require yeast and proving. Ones that you mix up in minutes and shove in the oven to do the rest. This cheese and onion bread with herbs is exactly one of those.

The recipe was sent to me by a friend and involved a packet of white onion soup mix, did not include herbs and used only one raw onion. I decided to mix it up and I added more cheese. Continue Reading →


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