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home made baked beans with chipotle

Beans are front line soldiers in your culinary arsenal and pack a huge nutritional punch. They are super affordable and loaded with fiber. I mean loaded. They offer protein – which is especially important if you are vegan or vegetarian and all round should be included more in our diets. This recipe for home made baked beans with chipotle is delicious and fantastic served on toast for lunch or a light supper. I’ve kept this recipe vegan, but add an egg, bacon or cheese if you want more protein in the mix. Continue Reading →


grilled chicken kebabs with lemon, chili and mint and home-made tzatziki

grilled chicken kebabs with lemon, chilli and mint and tzatziki tzatziki

These lemony chicken kebabs with chilli, mint and oregano totally hit the spot with my recent craving for Greek flavours. I decided to make tzatziki too, because its so easy, so much cheaper and better than any shop bought variety, and I get to make it exactly how I like it – low in fat, mild in garlic and heavy on the cucumber with a citrus zing and a hit of chilli.

Simply lip-smackingly delicious. Continue Reading →


quick and easy home-made passion fruit cordial

passion fruit cordial

passion fruit cordial

I hope I haven’t missed the granadilla (passion fruit) season totally by posting this too late. They were in full swing when I made this easy and delicious cordial a couple of weeks ago.

I had never made it before, and it really could not get any simpler. Sipping it poured over loads of ice and topped up with soda water, brought back floods of memories of my youth. Continue Reading →


easy home made ricotta – donna hay

easy home-made ricotta

I stumbled across this quick and easy recipe for home-made ricotta whilst I was browsing and drooling over a Donna Hay App on my iPad, and knew immediately that I had to give it a try. Continue Reading →


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