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a delicious oreo vanilla bean ice cream

A delicious oreo cookie vanilla ice cream

I know the world doesn’t need another Oreo cookie ice cream recipe. It’s hardly original, but I hadn’t made one yet. It’s not a flavour you see a lot in South Africa either. I wanted the crunchy texture of Oreos thrown into my favourite vanilla ice cream because it’s really a delectable combination. Continue Reading →


pears poached in dessert wine with with a vanilla & honey no churn ice cream

The key ingredient in this delicious dessert is the exquisite KWV The Mentors Noble Late Harvest, and its the kind of dish you knock together to impress a few guests. 

Pears poached in Noble Late Harvest

Pears poached in Noble Late Harvest

The pears are poached in a flavoured sugar syrup and then finished off in a second poach with Noble Late Harvest and honey. The sauce is reduced to a sticky syrup and poured back over the pears, and served with a scoop of divinely light – no – churn vanilla and honey ice cream. Continue Reading →


3 ingredient, no churn, vegan chocolate ice cream {video}

3 ingredient - no churn - chocolate ice cream {vegan}

This is one of those fantastic recipes that almost feels like a miracle. Three ingredients are combined with a minimal amount of intervention to create an outstanding ice cream with a dreamy texture. No ice cream maker is required either, so anyone with a food processor can make it. On top of that it’s also vegan, so if you are avoiding dairy, this one is for you. Continue Reading →


grapefruit and campari sorbet

grapefruit and campari sorbet

This grapefruit and Campari sorbet is the perfect balance between sweet and bitter with a light texture which I love. It is also very easy to make with a minimal amount of heating, cooling and churning going on. Ice cream in general has to be the easiest dessert to make, and once you start making your own, its difficult to settle for anything but the best. With a sorbet, you want to taste the essence of the ingredients you are using. Without any cream or milk, the flavours should be bright and clean.


I saw a friend tweet a pic of an ice cream made with this flavour combination recently and couldn’t tell if it was an ice cream or a sorbet but I fell in love with the idea. I decided to make it the latter as I felt the flavours would be better suited without any cream. This is perfect as a dessert or palate cleanser and I was thinking it could be lovely scooped into a glass and topped up with bubbly and served as a drink too. Continue Reading →


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