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tortellini & italian sausage meatball bake with spinach

tortellini & italian sausage meatball bake with spinach

I wanted to combine Italian sausages, turn them into bite-sized meatballs and bake them in a rich tomato sauce with the tortellini because this kind of pasta dish is my absolute heaven. It’s a whole lot quicker and easier than making lasagne and delivers a similar result. This is winter comfort food at its best. Continue Reading →


roast chicken & italian sausage with herbs and orange

roast chicken and italian sausage tray bake

I seem to have been on a roast chicken mission recently born mainly out of a desire to clear out my freezer stocks. I have 3 freezers – one chest, which seems to reach maximum capacity very quickly. I hate wasting food so freeze any scrap of leftovers I can. This on top if being a food stylist where any excess shoot food that is freezable gets tossed in. I had these chicken pieces and amazing Sicilians sausages from Giovanni’s so decided to combine in a saucy tray bake with fingerling fir potatoes (delicious) and loads of seasonings. Continue Reading →


roasted brown mushrooms stuffed with italian sausage

roasted black mushrooms stuffed with italian sausage

Ok so this blog post is really a concept recipe and one I was inspired to try when I bought stunning Italian sausages from Ryan Boon at his new retail shop in the Warenmarkt in Stellenbosch. The sausages have all the typical Italian flavours like fennel, chilli, black pepper and garlic, you don’t need much else. I had thought of turning these roasted mushrooms into an umami-sausage-fest-burger, but in the end they were quite delicious eaten as is with a lightly dressed salad of watercress. Continue Reading →


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