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fennel, radish & mint salad with lemon & ricotta

fennel, radish & mint salad with lemon & ricotta

A couple of years ago I became obsessed with this fennel, radish and lemon salad and seriously I make it all the time in summer. It’s so fresh and crunchy, and I love to eat it with fish or chicken and pile it onto my sandwiches for lunch. I was late getting to the stage of really liking fennel. It was always to aniseedy for me, but when I got over that, I embraced this crunchy and liquorice flavour packed vegetable with gusto. When shaved into very thin slices with radish, the flavour somehow mellows with the lemon and olive oil. I didn’t think this salad could get any better until I spotted this recipe for fennel, radish and mint with ricotta in Polpo, one of my all-time favourite cookbooks. Continue Reading →


lemony linguini with zucchini ‘noodles’

lemony linguini with zucchini 'noodles'

I’m a big fan of lemony pasta dishes and with this recipe I wanted to keep the zucchini raw and pack as much flavour in. It’s a super simple dish and ideal for a quick week night supper or to make alongside some tasty chicken kebabs. I just came up with that, but was thinking if you are the type pf person that needs some protein with your food, a chicken kebab would go well here. Or crispy bacon, but I digress. Continue Reading →


lemony chicken piccata

Lemony chicken piccata

The boneless, skinless chicken breast can be one of the dullest staples in the week-night cooking rotation, and its why it needs an ultra flavoursome sauce to carry it through. This piquant, lemony sauce is just the thing, and there is so much lip puckering zing going on, you don’t need too much of it either. Continue Reading →


fennel and radish salad with lemon and olive oil

fennel and radish salad with lemon and olive oil

I’m posting this recipe again because seriously I can’t get enough of it. It has now become a weekly thing in my house.  It’s hard to believe that a couple of years ago I didn’t like fennel and found the liquorice aniseed flavour intolerable. Now I crunch my way through bulb after bulb adding a variety of things on the side. I love to stuff this salad into toasted whole wheat pitas with left over grilled salmon or roast chicken. I pile it onto open sandwiches with seed bread and hummus. It pretty much goes with most things. Its delicious with raw or cooked fish and grilled chicken. The other day I turned it into a stunning slaw by adding shredded cabbage and a dollop of my easy home-made mayonnaise.

Super healthy fresh, citrussy and packed with flavour and crunch #winning.

It’s a Jamie Oliver recipe and there are a few things you need to do to ensure its a success:

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raspberry and limoncello ice cream

raspberry and limoncello ice cream

Raspberries and lemon go well together as flavour partners so I thought why not add Limoncello instead? A splash of booze in ice cream improves the texture and makes things a little more grown up.

raspberry ice cream with limoncello

I havent added too much so it doesn’t take over the party, but I adore the refreshing citrus it gives this creamy ice cream. Continue Reading →


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