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pineapple carpaccio with a ginger, mint, lime and chilli dressing


I came home from a TV shoot last week armed with a box of the most incredible pineapples. The client required a specific Costa Rican pineapple, but since Cayenne and Queen pineapples are  the only varieties grown in South Africa, I scoured Cape Town to find the biggest and greenest Cayennes on offer which was the closest I could get to matching the brief. As it turned out they had shipped a few cases of the said Costa Ricans which fortunately arrived in the nick of time on set.

When I have a lot of excess produce around, I like to develop recipes.

So over the last few days I’ve whipped up frozen pineapple daiquiri’s, made loads of pineapple juice and I assembled this salad of pineapple carpaccio with a spicy ginger, mint, lime and chilli dressing. It was delectable. I have a few other pineapple recipes up my sleeves so watch this space. Continue Reading →


pomegranate and ginger spritzer

pomegranate and ginger spritzer

pomegranate and ginger spritzer

I’m on a bit of a pomegranate vibe at the moment, I simply cant get enough of them. They are in full season so I’m buying them whenever I can.

They are a fairly inconsistent fruit in terms of taste. Sometimes the seeds are awesome and burst in your mouth and dissipate. Other times they seem to have more fibres in the seeds, and land up being a bit chewy after they have bust. Sometimes they are sweeter, and sometimes they can be bitter.

Making a juice and a cordial from them solves all these issues. Continue Reading →


how to make the best gin and tonic

If you are going to make a gin and tonic, you may as well make it right.

What seems like a perfectly simple drink consisting of 2 ingredients and a garnish, deserves a little more attention. Of course this is all a matter of my opinion but let me give you a bit of background. Continue Reading →


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