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oven roasted sweet potato ‘fries’ with orange salt

Oven roasted sweet potato 'fries' with orange salt

It’s as if sweet potatoes and oranges were cultivated to be together as they make the perfect flavour pairing ever. I’m talking specifically about the orange-fleshed sweet potato, which have a far nicer taste and firmer texture than their white-fleshed counterparts that I find too sweet and watery. In this recipe, I will guide you on how to make healthier oven roasted ‘fries’ and finish them off with a vibrant orange salt.  Continue Reading →


gluten free seeded crackers

Delicious gluten free seeded crackers

So just before you go thinking I’ve jumped onto any gluten-free bandwagon, I have not. I just love these seeded crackers which I have been seeing and eating a lot these days. The bottom line is I’m a food lover and if the food tastes amazing and is super nutritious, I will get excited about it whether its gluten-free or otherwise. I have also been hanging out with a few vegans lately and feel inspired by their lifestyle of zero cruelty to animals. There is a strong vegetarian force within me, so I’m definitely going to be doing more exciting non-animal-product recipes going forward. 2016 has seen me embark on a healthier eating journey – well  since my return from Israel, but that is a story for another time. Continue Reading →


sweet potato ‘noodles’ with chorizo and orange

sweet potato 'noodles' with chorizo and orange

sweet potato 'noodles' with chorizo and orange

I bought a large spiraliser while in the US and now find myself twisting all manner of vegetables into long thin ‘noodles’ and ribbons. Not only do they cook super quickly – thus I assume keeping more nutrients in and making them healthier, they have a wonderful texture and trick your brain into thinking you are eating an actual noodle. Brilliant. Low carb and nutritious meals all the time. My very favourite is zucchini in the ‘noodle’ format, which I love to simply stir fry with olive oil or Parmesan infused olive oil, salt and pepper and eat with lashings of freshly grated Parmesan cheese. You can find out how I do that here, but I happily eat them raw too and I’ve been spiralling them (I’m not sure this is even a word?) into all kinds of salads lately. Continue Reading →


quick and easy red curry mussels

thai red curry mussels

Mussels are one of my favourite quick and easy meals to knock up. They are both sustainable seafood wise, and are low carb – that is unless you don’t add the slices of toasted bread to the mix, which I find quite essential. I used Thai red curry paste which is pretty much available everywhere these days.

I have used white wine but you could just as easily replace it with stock or broth. I have also used a reduced fat coconut cream which works quite well, but you can use cream if you prefer. All super Banting friendly.

The heat level on these mussels is around 2 out of 5, I’m a bit of a wimp when it comes to chilli. It’s not mild but not too hot. If you like yours über hot, you may want to add a dash more. I have made a portion for one, just adjust accordingly for more people.

Thank you to my friend Laurence for the inspiration here. This literally takes 10 minutes to make.

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pan fried prawns on a pea and asparagus salad

prawns pan fried pea asparagus salad

With this recipe I tried to pack as much taste in as I could, pan frying the prawns my favourite way. I used a little olive oil – although butter is actually better – adding a generous amount of crushed garlic and finely chopped fresh red chilli. I flambéd them briefly in a good splash of brandy at they end which adds some wonderful flavour. For the salad I quickly blanched the sugar snap peas and green asparagus spears in boiling water, followed by a shock of ice water to cool them down. I tossed them in a tangy vinaigrette and made a zesty dip for the prawns. It was all delicious, and a nice low carb meal. Continue Reading →


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