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steel cut oats with maple, cinnamon & roasted banana

How to make steel cut oats with roasted banana, maple and cinnamon

Since discovering steel-cut oats in my supermarket recently, I have become obsessed. Oats or oatmeal as its known in American is one of healthiest breakfasts you can make. Loaded with nutrition and fibre, its worth putting this into your regular breakfast rotation. This recipe idea comes from a friend who Instagrammed her breakfast recently and she had me at roasted banana. The maple adds sweetness and the cinnamon adds spice turning your oats from ordinary to extraordinary. Continue Reading →


pear and halva crumble loaf with pecans, honey & maple

Pear and halva crumble loaf with pecans, honey & maple - adpated from Donna Hay

Pear and halva crumble loaf with pecans, honey & maple - adapted from Donna Hay

There are times when you are cruising around the Internet and stumble across a recipe so enticing you simply have to make it as soon as possible. This actually happens to me ALL the time. I wasn’t on the internet as such but rather reading Donna Hays latest mag on my iPad which I subscribe to. She had me at halva and then pears, and then pecans, and the whole thing sounded so damn delicious I had to get busy. This pear and halva crumble loaf with pecans is absolutely phenomenal and a great base recipe to add a few tweaks to. Continue Reading →


granola bars with honey & maple

granola bars with honey & maple

You know that feeling after spending a few hours working on something and then realise it is all wrong? Well that is how I felt yesterday after making my first little recipe video on my own. As soon as I started downloading the files it dawned on me that I shot the whole thing in portrait mode. An epic fail. I also should know better and I do know this. Perhaps it’s because I’m so hard-wired in terms of how I shoot my stills – which is 99% in portrait, I just set up all my equipment and got busy.

granola bars with honey & maple

The whole thing happened quite spontaneously and I had no plans to make a video. I needed to retest this granola recipe that appears in my book, so I thought, why not just shoot myself doing it in the process? Continue Reading →


spicy pumpkin and apple cake with cream cheese and maple frosting

spicy pumpkin and apple cake with cream cheese and maple frosting

Its October and the food internet is awash with orange and everything pumpkin. It happens every year and I see recipes with pumpkin as an ingredient where it shouldn’t be an ingredient, but what can you do? It’s just a crazy mixed up time of year and I’m jumping straight onto that bandwagon to bring you this spicy pumpkin and apple cake with my favorite cream cheese buttercream frosting to which I’ve added just a hint of maple syrup. If you are wanting a stronger maple syrup flavour then I highly recommend this maple cream cheese frosting. Continue Reading →


blueberry ice cream with maple and cinnamon


blueberry-ice cream


In an attempt to cling onto the last bit of summer I made this vibrant blueberry ice cream. The cinnamon is so mild you can hardly detect it, but its flavour somehow enhances the blueberry. Maple syrup also works well with blueberries, so I was rather thrilled with how this ice cream recipe worked out. Continue Reading →


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