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the best ever chicken liver pate

chicken liver pate with marmalade with baguette melba toast

I love to serve chicken liver pate with a crispy melba toast and a dollop of something sweet. Its silken smooth so it needs the crunch. The Marmalade offers a bitter-sweet flavour which is rather delicious and quite Christmassy too. If you want to be really wild, stir a splash of whiskey into the marmalade to give it that boozy edge.

chicken liver pate with marmalade

I sort of had an intention to make a clementine jelly to go with the pate, but that plan fell apart when I realised I was running out of year. You know the feeling as you catapult towards Christmas in the silly season and suddenly realise you have bitten off more than we can chew? Literally and figuratively. I once made jelly out of dessert wine which was delectable with this pate. Continue Reading →


a delicious broad bean dip

broad bean or fava bean dip

This recipe is adapted from Mariana Esterhysen from Mariana’s in Stanford, one of my all time favourite country eateries. I ate her version of this dip as a starter when I went for lunch a few years back and she gladly passed the recipe on to me.

I’m quite besotted with broad beans actually, also known in some parts as fava beans. I love to eat them quite simply tossed through pasta with bacon and pesto, or sautéed in butter with salt and pepper. They are lovely in leafy salads and work nicely in a nicoise. They also make a fabulous vegetable when accompanying lamb on a dinner plate, or under a grilled piece of fish. Continue Reading →


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