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chipotle chicken enchiladas

chipotle chicken enchiladas

I’ve wanted to make chicken enchiladas since I started this blog, and I’m shocked that I haven’t done them yet. I’m obsessed with Mexican cuisine and have been since I was 22 and fell in love with it on my first trip to the USA. My sister and I bought a car and drove across North America via the Southern route. We encountered much amazing Mexican food along the way but sadly as South African passport holders we were not able to go to Mexico at that time. It’s very high on my food bucket list to go, so watch this space. I had also wanted to keep the recipe quite authentic, but after much research it’s fairly complicated to make an authentic enchilada sauce, as you need specific dried chilies. In South Africa, this is near impossible to come by. The last time I made a proper Mexican sauce – Chipotles in adobo, I used chipotles, which I bought in New York. I also wanted to make a recipe that anyone can do and that was super delicious and easy. I think this might be the best recipe. Continue Reading →


crock pot mexican short rib tacos

slow cooker mexian short rib tacos

I can’t even bang on enough about how much I love my Breville slow cooker or crock pot as the ‘mericans like to call it. It is the most wonderful appliance to have in your kitchen, especially in winter. It delivers amazing flavour and texture to your food with minimal effort. You just need to plan a head and allow the time for slow cooking.

For this recipe I wanted to braise short ribs with Mexican flavours. I decided on a 4.5 hour braise on high – but it would work well on a 6 -7  hour braise on low. I am unsure which is the better route to go. With my hoisin and ginger beer pulled pork I cooked a shoulder for 8 hours on slow, but these short ribs where a little thinner and I browned them before. They cook until they are pull-apart delicious and work perfectly when the juicy shredded meat is added to a taco. You could also serve the short ribs with steaming jasmine or Basmati rice, mashed potatoes or creamy polenta.

Slow cooker braised short ribs with Mexican flavours

I have kept this recipe quite mild but you can always add additional pickled jalapeno chillies when you make them up. There are no rules when it comes to taco accompaniments. I love a good dollop of creme fraiche with these short ribs. Fresh coriander (cilantro) and sliced avocado or guacamole are delicious. You could add a tomato and red onion salsa or chopped up lettuce to give additional crunch. A spritz of fresh lime gives the taco a zesty wake up call, and a few chopped up red spring onoins a little bite. Continue Reading →


tomatillo salsa verde

tomatillo salsa verde

Tomatillo salsa verde


Tomatillos are a staple in Mexican Cuisine but living in South Africa it is not a fruit I had ever had the pleasure of seeing before. They are actually a direct relative of the Cape gooseberry – which is indigenous to South Africa, and in the same way, they are surrounded by a thin film-like husk. They have never been cultivated here which I guess is purely related to demand.

A Twitter connection grows tomatillos, had an abundant harvest recently and wanted to give some away. She offered, I immediately said yes, and here we are. Thank you Rosie.

I did loads of Googling and figured you could go with either a raw or cooked salsa, so I opted for both. My roasted tomatillo salsa turned out to be quite bitter which was puzzling because when you eat one of them raw they aren’t. This fresh salsa verde recipe is much better. It still has a slight bitter note which I tried to counterbalance with a drizzle of agave nectar but I prefer it much more. I’m not sure if bitterness is a normal characteristics of them, but I’m keen to know. Continue Reading →






I could describe this ceviche as zesty or crunchy, or I could say it might be Mexican inspired, but instead I’m just going to call it ceviche. My version of a delicious ceviche filled with flavours and texture that I love.

I did tons of research, including this brilliant article on Food 52 and asked friends to recommend their favourite, but in the end all I really wanted to do was try and recreate a ceviche like the one that I often eat at my favourite Mexican restaurant El Burro. Continue Reading →


beer battered fish tacos with spicy slaw

beer battered angelfish tacos with spicy slaw

A whole cluster of circumstances led me to create this recipe. Including; a desire to create a summery recipe using beer for an article I was contributing to,  a love of Mexican food, inspiration from my favourite Mexican restaurant El Burro, and stumbling on these delicious flavour combinations while messing around in my kitchen a few weeks ago. Continue Reading →


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