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split pea and ham hock soup

A classic split pea and ham hock soup

This is a classic recipe for a split pea and ham hock soup because why digress from something that is perfect. You can add a hit of mint at the end if you want to freshen it up a bit, but I really like it straight up with the ham and pea, an all-time classic flavour combination.

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green juice with cucumber, celery, mint & ginger

green juice with cucumber, celery, mint & ginger

I love the refreshing taste of cucumber and in this juice with celery apple, mint and ginger, the combination is delicious and incredibly thirst quenching.

First up I must say that I think juicing on a regular basis is a bad idea. All the important fiber gets wasted and you need a lot of fruit and vegetables to make a decent amount of juice. The calorie load of a juice is far higher than that of the fruit or vegetable in its natural state and at the end of the day you are extracting a high percentage of water. I know this because after making this green juice I allowed it to settle in the bottle and really about 85 percent is pure water and the rest the green chlorophyll rich parts. If you were under any illusion that drinking green juices in some way ‘detoxes’ your body, please check out this brilliant article which totally debunks the myth. BUT, juice can taste delicious and for a special treat it makes a nice addition to the breakfast or lunch table. It can also be awesome when making a special cocktail, and I find it most useful when I have a hangover too (but lets not go into too much detail there). Continue Reading →


jamie oliver’s crispy zucchini flowers stuffed with spicy ricotta & mint

Jamie Olivers crispy zucchini flowers stuffed with spicy ricotta and mint

Stuffing zucchini flowers and frying them to crispy golden deliciousness in tempura batter has been on my recipe bucket list for quite some time. You just don’t see the flowers very often. I would have loved to have the actual zucchini attached to the flowers too, but was so happy to see these, I took what I could get.  The recipe for the batter is really easy to make and works brilliantly to crisp up any vegetables. It also happens to be vegan. I had quite a lot left over so dipped parsley leaves and various other cut vegetables to use it up and put myself in a veg tempura coma. Continue Reading →


kohlrabi, persimmon, hazelnut and mint salad

kohlrabi, persimmon, hazelnut and mint salad

I can’t take any credit for this salad idea and I have shamelessly copied the ingredient combination from Mulberry and Prince, a fab new restaurant in town. We ate there recently and I was super impressed with everything at this gorgeous New York style eatery. It’s a small-plate dining concept, so if you like multiple flavours and textures in one meal, this is perfect for you. You can check out my review and pictures on my Taste & Titbits Facebook page. A place where I do bite size commentary and reviews of restaurants in Cape Town. I don’t often review restaurants here as the pictures are never good enough, but I quite like to do them in a casual way.   Continue Reading →


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