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easy miso ramen recipe with roast chicken and mushrooms

easy miso ramen recipe with roast chicken and mushrooms

I’ve been craving fresh tasting Asian broth with ramen for a while and wanted to figure out a recipe that I could quickly whip up at any given moment. The base of this one has dashi and miso, which pack the umami punch, and I used a homemade chicken stock from my freezer that is liquid gold. Chicken stock is actually not the best stock to use for this broth as its fairly strong, but I was adding roast chicken to the dish so went with it anyway. Just make sure your stock is quite mild or alternatively use a nice gentle vegetable stock. Chopped up exotic mushrooms and baby spinach were my additional fillings but really you can add anything that you like. Continue Reading →


chicken & mushroom stroganoff with crispy sage

Delicious and easy chicken & mushroom stroganoff

2 months ago I was approached by UCook to test out a few of their home delivery meals. To cook them up and then let people know what I thought about them on social media. Little did I know, or could I ever have imagined that I would become so dependent on them and cannot image the past few weeks without my weekly suppers being sorted. On the weeks they weren’t delivered, I really missed them. I’m flat out useless at planning my own meals, so this really worked out for me. This recipe for chicken stroganoff with mushrooms and crispy sage served with roasted butternut and broccoli is one of their delicious meals from their low carb menu and is really very easy to make. Continue Reading →


roasted brown mushrooms stuffed with italian sausage

roasted black mushrooms stuffed with italian sausage

Ok so this blog post is really a concept recipe and one I was inspired to try when I bought stunning Italian sausages from Ryan Boon at his new retail shop in the Warenmarkt in Stellenbosch. The sausages have all the typical Italian flavours like fennel, chilli, black pepper and garlic, you don’t need much else. I had thought of turning these roasted mushrooms into an umami-sausage-fest-burger, but in the end they were quite delicious eaten as is with a lightly dressed salad of watercress. Continue Reading →


creamy miso mushrooms and eggs

creamy miso mushrooms and eggs  on toast

creamy miso mushrooms and eggs

This is my take on mushrooms on toast topped with a fried or poached egg. It’s for when you want to make breakfast that little more special, or show someone you love that you really love them. Or, if you’re like me, and enjoy eating eggy things anytime, then this is great for lunch or supper too.

creamy miso mushrooms and eggs on toast

You really don’t need a recipe here because you just make whatever quantity you need, and it really is a case of a splash of this and a dash of that. My secret ingredient is miso paste, because I can’t get enough of it and love adding extra umami flavour to most things these days. I even made the most delicious ginger miso ice cream, which sounds weird but think salted caramel but with more depth. Continue Reading →



Shakshuka with mushrooms and spinach

Shakshuka with mushrooms and spinach

Shakshuka with mushrooms and spinach

I’ve had a bee in my bonnet to make Shakshuka since eating it a The Kirstenbosch Tearoom a few months ago. Their version is utterly delicious. Soft unctuous eggs wallowing in a very thick and slightly spicy tomato sauce is all kinds of heaven for me. Continue Reading →


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