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oat, raisin & almond cookies

The best oatmeal, raisin & almond cookies

These delicious old-fashioned oatmeal, raisin and almond cookies are from one of my all-time favourite baking books: ‘The Complete Magnolia Cookbook’ which I bought at the original Magnolia Bakery in NYC last year.  I have baked my way through their second book: ‘More from Magnolia‘, but this edition combines their first and second books, and are essential reference books for me. In all English-speaking countries outside the USA the cookie would be called a biscuit and be somewhat crisper, so I think the Americans can claim to have invented, or at the very least perfected the ‘cookie’ as we have come to know it everywhere. In most cases a cookie will be slightly chewy, but you can of course bake them longer for more crunch. I personally like a happy compromise. A crispy outer layer with a soft inner part, and I agree, they are the very best eaten fairly soon after they come out the oven. Continue Reading →


eat nyc

the Manhattan skyline, NYC

Brooklyn Bridge, NYC

I can’t believe its taken me two months to put up my pics from my trip to NYC, but here they are. Life kind of swept me away when I got back, but I’ve managed to catch my breath, take a break and finally get to a few projects on the back burner.

Manhattan, NYC

I was invited to the ultra fabulous Uncork’d event in Vegas at the end of April, so it just made sense to bolt on a week in the amazing New York City before. I hadn’t been for many years so it was like rediscovering it for a first time. I skipped a lot of the very touristy things as I had done these before, and spent a lot of time walking, eating, walking and walking and then eating some more. Traveling on ones own is a unique experience. You feel more like an explorer than a tourist. It can get lonely, but luckily I met so many cool people along the way to make it all quite awesome. My desire to be in new places far outweighs any apprehension I might have about doing it alone.

Manhattan, NYC

The other reason why it took me so long is that I wanted to make a little film with the footage I shot on my GoPro. Editing this presented a major challenge for me, so it got shelved until now. I’m struggling through the steep learning curve of new technology and wanting to create more motion content for my travel stories. But here it is, my little film from New York. Continue Reading →


eataly, nyc

Eataly, NYC

On my recent trip to NYC, Eataly was definitely a highlight for me. This Fine Italian food emporium which features several in-shop restaurant concepts is next level stuff. I stopped and enjoyed a pizza, a glass of wine and a salted caramel gelato which was one of the best scoops I’ve ever tasted. I also took so many pics of this incredible place that I thought it deserved its own blog post.

This is what it is all about: Continue Reading →


the very best red velvet cupcakes

the best ever red velvet cupcakes

I’m always a bit skeptical when people claim a recipe to be ‘the best’, but as this is my blog, and these are all my opinions anyway, I claim these red velvet cupcakes to be the best I have ever tasted. Continue Reading →


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