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oven baked chicken goujons with parmesan and lemon


I live on my own and for the most part I find cooking for one really uninspiring. I will spend my days dreaming up and preparing delicious meals for my blog, but when it comes to supper time and feeding myself, I often could not be bothered. Supper for me is often just a functional meal. One where I know I need to give my body some quality nutrition, and I generally try and eat fairly simply. I sometimes feel like I’ve cooked a skinless chicken breast in every conceivable way and it regularly makes an appearance on my plate. Maybe because it’s fairly easy to cook a chicken breast, it can be flattened and quickly pan fried with peri peri and lemon, and served with a green salad, its is one of my favourite quick meals. Or maybe its because lean white meat is generally healthier, either way, you need to add a few things to make it more ineresting.

I love crunchy pieces of chicken with loads of flavour but really hate the mess and grease associated with deep frying. I wanted to make a crispy oven version of fried chicken. I also love Parmesan cheese and fresh herbs added to crumbs like with a classic chicken Parmesan, so these goujons are the result. You could leave it out, its totally optional. Continue Reading →


easy pumpkin and parmesan scones with thyme

pumpkin and parmesan scones with thyme

pumpkin and parmesan scones with thyme

pumpkin and parmesan scones with thyme

pumpkin and parmesan scones with thyme

These pumpkin and parmesan scones are quick and easy to whip up and are perfect to serve as a savoury component for tea or brunch.

I had not planned to jump on the pumpkin-recipe bandwagon that seems to have taken the internet by storm, and Pinterest is awash with orange at the moment, almost irritatingly so.  I look in amazement as people come up with interesting and weird ways to cook and bake with pumpkin. Halloween in not a big deal in South Africa, and has only been adopted as a celebration in recent years, so the pumpkin holiday is not part of my culture. We are also moving into Summer, leaving the hearty and comforting food behind to embrace stone fruit and salads, while everything pumpkin is just perfect for the Northern Hemisphere right now. Continue Reading →


lemon and rocket risotto

lemon and rocket risotto

One of my favourite dishes of last year was my lemony spinach carbonara. Packed with flavour, it makes a perfect vegetarian supper.

I adore the flavour of lemon with pasta so decided to knock up this quick risotto. I used rocket (arugula) because I had two packets on hand that needed to be used up urgently, but spinach would work just as well.

The pepperyness of the rocket somehow mellows as it wilts into this dish so I could have used a bit more.

I don’t have much else to say about this delicious meal other than it needs a fair sprinkling of grated Parmesan cheese which gives it a lovely oozy texture. It also needs a fabulous glass of chilled white wine on the side.

I loved it with the Glen Carlou unwooded Chardonnay which is such a superb food wine. A few local wine gurus raved about it here and here. Continue Reading →


how to make cheese straws with parmesan and rosemary and other easy puff pastry snacks

cheese straws with parmesan and rosemary

This post has been in the making for a while and since I started bashing out a few snacks using the incredible new all butter puff pastry from Woolies in December. A friend of mine had given me a few packs to try. I understand it to be the only puff pastry available in the country made entirely from butter, and this can only be a good thing in my humble opinion.

Anyway I decided to take the flavour of a basic cheese straw a notch. I like a basic one, but I felt with all this fluffy and puffy pastry it needed a more robust filling to make it stand out. I decided to use Parmesan, Dijon mustard and finely chopped rosemary. I also added a sprinkle of sea salt because these are lovely savoury nibbles which are perfect served with drinks. Continue Reading →


asparagus, blue cheese and parmesan quiche

asparagus quiche with blue cheese and parmesan cheese

I’m not entirely sure if this is a quiche or a tart, but here, in the interest of calorie conservation I have made it without a crust.  In the past I have made it using a ‘cheat’ crust made by frying a finely chopped onion in butter with garlic, and then tossing about a cup of  stale whole wheat bread crumbs in and pressing this into the bottom of a tart tin or suitable oven proof container before filling and baking.

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