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the perfect lentil salad

The perfect lentil salad

This is the perfect lentil salad and the only one you will ever need. It’s got just the right amount of delicious French flavour and a lovely texture. It pairs well with so many things – especially sausages, and can be eaten warm or cold. This recipe is also vegan and super healthy. Lentils are laced with fiber and have a good dose of protein. Continue Reading →


fudge with vanilla and chocolate malt balls

fudge with chocolate malt balls

When deciding what to call this recipe I realised people know these gorgeous melt-in-the-mouth chocolate covered malt balls by different names. In America they are Whoppers, in the UK they are Maltesers, and in South Africa they are known as Whispers or chocolate Malted Puffs. Anyway, whatever you call them, they totally rock when added to a classic fudge recipe.

classic fudge with chocolate malted balls

It took  while and a few trials to settle on my favourite fudge recipe which I included in my latest cookbook ‘Sweet’. Here I have added a double dose of vanilla to the recipe, which I didnt in my book. More recently I have come to adore vanilla flavoured fudge. I also love fudge with things added to it. It takes away some of the cloying sweetness that it tends to have. Continue Reading →


raspberry soufflé

raspberry soufflé

raspberry soufflé

If you had any nervousness about making a soufflé you needn’t have with this really straightforward and delicious recipe. Soufflés are show stoppers, and you will impress whoever you make these for. Capturing everything that is summer in one dessert, they are slightly tart and light, kind of like eating a raspberry cloud if such a thing existed.

raspberry soufflé

A friend, who is a guy, made these the other day and they looked perfect. He’s someone I trust impeccably when it comes to food. The recipe comes from a Woolworths flyer that was handed out in stores over Christmas. The measurements are quite precise – you must weigh your egg whites, but I prefer that when making things that you want to work out exactly. Continue Reading →


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