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lemony chicken piccata

Lemony chicken piccata

The boneless, skinless chicken breast can be one of the dullest staples in the week-night cooking rotation, and its why it needs an ultra flavoursome sauce to carry it through. This piquant, lemony sauce is just the thing, and there is so much lip puckering zing going on, you don’t need too much of it either. Continue Reading →


the best 8 minute strawberry jam {video}

the best ever 8 minute strawberry jam

This used to be called my 10 minute strawberry jam but I’ve got it down to 8 minutes now. I’ve also improved the flavour of the recipe by adding orange, orange liqueur, vanilla and black pepper. It is also at this point that I put the stake in the ground as far as strawberry jam goes. I can’t do better than this.  Continue Reading →


salmon poached in rooibos tea

salmon poached in rooibos tea

I’ve embarked on a healthier eating programne recently and this salmon recipe is a game changer for me. Poaching fish is the lightest way to cook it, and with this recipe, I’ve gently poached it in rooibos tea with lemon and honey. It takes 5 minutes to make and is now my preferred way to cook my favourite fish. It’s the perfect mid-week supper solution too. Continue Reading →


10 minute peach jam with red muscadel


I’ve been on a mission to reduce the levels in my freezers and I found a bag of peaches I had frozen in summer. They were de-pipped and sliced into eighths, so the idea to make my quick and easy jam sprang to mind. I love my small batch quick jam recipes as the effort is minimal and the reward so delicious. The fruit cooks in about 8 – 10 minutes max and the jam is far more about the fruit and less about the sugar than long-cook jam recipes which require a 1:1 ratio of fruit to sugar. Here I use a 3:1 ratio. Continue Reading →


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