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chicken with white wine, herbs & garlic

A chicken recipe with white wine, herbs & garlic mad ein a slow and a pressure cooker

This is a delicious chicken recipe with white wine, herbs, and garlic that can just as easily be made as a mid week supper or served to impress guests. The fall-off-the bone chicken cooks in the wine and stock making a delicious sauce that will have you scraping the plate for more.  Continue Reading →


split pea and ham hock soup

A classic split pea and ham hock soup

This is a classic recipe for a split pea and ham hock soup because why digress from something that is perfect. You can add a hit of mint at the end if you want to freshen it up a bit, but I really like it straight up with the ham and pea, an all-time classic flavour combination.

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jalapeño popper grilled cheese sandwich with bacon

jalapeño popper grilled cheese sandwich with bacon

Even though sandwiches are things made on the fly, where we slap a few ingredients between slices for a quick lunch, I always like to go the extra mile and make something more special. This grilled jalapeño popper grilled cheese with bacon is just such a sandwich and it’s utterly delicious. It takes flavours from a jalapeño popper and blends it into a grilled cheese that melts into perfection between two slices of your favourite bread. You in? Continue Reading →


easy lemonade scones with cheese & herbs

Easy lemonade (Sprite) scones with cheese & herbs

This is one of those gimmicky recipes that really is quite delicious. I’ve tweaked it over the years to get the right amount of cheese and herbs in the mix but still deliver a pillowy soft and fluffy scone. With only five ingredients (apart from the salt), these lemonade scones with cheese and herbs could not be easier to make.  Continue Reading →


pasta con ceci

Pasta con Ceci

A friend on Twitter posted about this famous Pasta con Ceci recipe by Victoria Granof on Food52 Genius recipes and it immediately piqued my interest. How could such a simple pasta dish consisting of so few ingredients be so delicious? I often find carb on carb doesn’t work that well together in a dish. I mean they certainly can, and I’ve loved pasta with potatoes, green beans and pesto, and thinly sliced potatoes on a pizza with rosemary and cream, so I know it can go down. I’m also not the biggest fan of chickpeas unless in this delicious dish with chorizo, or into Yotam Ottolenghi’s creamy hummus. Continue Reading →


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