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roast chicken & italian sausage with herbs and orange

roast chicken and italian sausage tray bake

I seem to have been on a roast chicken mission recently born mainly out of a desire to clear out my freezer stocks. I have 3 freezers – one chest, which seems to reach maximum capacity very quickly. I hate wasting food so freeze any scrap of leftovers I can. This on top if being a food stylist where any excess shoot food that is freezable gets tossed in. I had these chicken pieces and amazing Sicilians sausages from Giovanni’s so decided to combine in a saucy tray bake with fingerling fir potatoes (delicious) and loads of seasonings. Continue Reading →


roast chicken with stout, rosemary and honey

roast chicken with stout, rosemary and honey

I’ve taken my all time favourite roast chicken recipe which I’ve made using whole birds and chicken pieces and adapted it using stout instead of wine or verjuice. I really dont know how to make a more succulent roast chicken. I played around with the seasonings to better compliment the beer, and it turned out to be utterly delicious. The onions and carrots – which roast slowly with the chicken, and the honey add a much needed sweet element to offset the bitterness of the stout. The beer adds a rich savoury flavour to the sauce – which is plentiful, and reduces to a delicious jus to serve with the meat. Its so delicious you will grab a spoon and sip it like a broth.  Continue Reading →


kale ‘caesars salad’ with roast chicken

kale 'caesars salad' with roast chicken

kale 'caesars salad' with roast chicken

So I know that kale recipes are a huge thing on the internet but here is South Africa we tend to catch onto food trends a little late. Although I had sourced kale years ago at a speciality green grocer to make the highly controversial kale chips (I added Parmesan cheese and I loved them by the way), it is only recently that you could find kale in a mainstream supermarket.

I’m pretty pleased about this. Continue Reading →


roast chicken in white wine, herbs and garlic

roast white wine and herb chicken

Roast chicken has to be one of  the most comforting dishes in the world and I could never tire of it, especially when its cooked in loads of wine, garlic and herbs. Of course a whole birds is a thing of beauty, but for variation, I like to roast it broken up in pieces so it wallows in all the pan juices and cooks a whole lot quicker. Continue Reading →


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