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rosmarino pasta with roasted tomatoes, feta and olives

 rosmarino pasta with tomatoes, feta and olives

A few years ago I made a very simple but very delicious dish which involved baking feta and olives in a thick tomato sauce. It’s a wonderful appetizer or warm dip for crusty bread. I remember at the time thinking it would be a delicious sauce for pasta, so this inspired today’s recipe. Instead of making a sauce using tinned tomatoes, I used fresh Mediterranean baby vine tomatoes. It also occurred to me, again, that roasting or baking cheese with things is a superb idea and I should do it more often. Especially feta which is not my favourite cheese. I find the salt over powering and the flavour in general quite one-dimensional. I rarely add it to salad unless it’s a Greek salad, and if I do, I prefer to crumble it over to more evenly distribute the taste. The flavour and saltiness of feta work well with this dish and my baked tomato version because the tomatoes temper it and when hot out the oven it crumbles into the pasta beautifully.  Continue Reading →


egg and bacon in bread baskets

These toast baskets are the prettiest and most perfect vessel to hold a soft poached egg. Topped with crispy bacon and roasted tomatoes, they become a piece of breakfast heaven.

poached egg and bacon in bread baskets

Inspired by a favourite dish at a favourite Jozi breakfast spot, I have wanted to make these for years. I stopped in for this famous dish of theirs while up in Joburg recently and they remained as delicious as I remember. The version at Nice is made with a tomato and onion relish that is fab, but I’m obsessed with roasting tomatoes and adding balsamic. They roast into gooey perfection with the balsamic giving a hint of sweetness that makes the juice an umami bomb of flavour. I literally can.not.get.enough. Continue Reading →


crispy fried roasted tomato risotto balls with smoked mussels

crispy fried roasted tomato risotto balls with smoked mussels

roasted tomato risotto

Arancini, or crispy fried risotto balls were invented by the Italians to use up any left over risotto. Taking something totally delicious and turning it into something arguably even more delicious is pretty clever, and I had never made them before. I never get to the part where there is any leftover risotto. Cheese is often included, but for my version I decided to make a roasted tomato risotto and then roll this around a smoked mussel, crumb and deep fry. Continue Reading →


3 ways with roasted tomatoes

I adore oven roasted tomatoes because the flavour intensifies so much through the process, and its my best way to turn any excess I have into something preserved.

I love to roast them at 150C for about 1.5 – 2 hours, but if I’m in a hurry, I just whack them in the oven at 180C for about 35 minutes.

I bake them with sprigs of fresh thyme and a sprinkle of sea salt flakes. Occasionally I will scatter a few dried chillies over or add garlic to the pan to roast alongside them.

Once the tomatoes are cooled you can then use them in a variety of ways. I love them as a simple salad with goats cheese and rocket with my favourite vinaigrette. I like to substitute the red wine vinegar with a berry infused variety to give it a touch of sweetness. Maple syrup also works well. They are fabulous tossed through any salad too. Continue Reading →


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