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spicy honey and rooibos granita gin and tonic

honey and rooibos granita gin and tonic

This honey and Rooibos tea granita is like eating a frozen spring garden with all the earthy floral and fruity flavours you would imagine it tasted like. The recipe comes from Babylonstoren where you will also find the most exquisite food garden in South Africa and maybe even the world. Its one of my favourite places to go to feel reminded about the perfections of Mother Nature. Any season, whether summer or winter (and everything in between) its beautiful and inspiring. Alive with small animals, birds and millions of insects, my favourite of all being the honeybee.


honey and rooibos granita gin and tonic

Bees are little miracle works who are responsible for around a third of all the food we eat. They live for about 6 weeks and literally work themselves to death – beating their wings 200 times per second pollinating plants and making honey. 99% of all bees are female – the worker bees, and you will always hear bee experts refer to them in the feminine. Every little thing about a bee is fascinating to me, so I was thrilled to have been invited to the recent Bee Workshop at Babylonstoren. Continue Reading →


home-made ice tea with ginger, mint and lemon

rooibos iced tea with lemon, mint and ginger

In summer I love to drink buckets of ice tea to break the monotony of all the water. I also attempt to avoid sugar in beverages, so by making my own ice tea, I control this. It also makes it so affordable and so very, very tasty.

This combination of flavours is one which friend of mine Laurence introduced me to, and it works out perfectly. Continue Reading →


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