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roast chicken with stout, rosemary and honey

roast chicken with stout, rosemary and honey

I’ve taken my all time favourite roast chicken recipe which I’ve made using whole birds and chicken pieces and adapted it using stout instead of wine or verjuice. I really dont know how to make a more succulent roast chicken. I played around with the seasonings to better compliment the beer, and it turned out to be utterly delicious. The onions and carrots – which roast slowly with the chicken, and the honey add a much needed sweet element to offset the bitterness of the stout. The beer adds a rich savoury flavour to the sauce – which is plentiful, and reduces to a delicious jus to serve with the meat. Its so delicious you will grab a spoon and sip it like a broth.  Continue Reading →


pumpkin rolls with rosemary and sea salt

Easy pumpkin rolls with rosemary and sea salt

Its October and the food internet is awash with pumpkin recipes again, and Pinterest turns orange as people scramble to post as many squash recipes as they can ahead of Halloween. Of course they are also in full season in the Northern Hemisphere for Autumn. Pumpkin is around here too even though we are heading towards summer, so when I saw these delicious looking rolls I knew I needed to make a pumpkin version. Continue Reading →


sweet potato shoestring fries with garlic and rosemary

purple sweet potato shoestring fries with rosemary and garlic

Two things transpired causing this recipe to happen in my life. Firstly, I went to the Spotted Pig when I was in NYC recently and their shoestring fries with rosemary and garlic blew me away. Secondly, I went shopping with my friend Shanna from PineappleandCoconut.com while in Vegas for Uncork’d and we stumbled upon these purple sweet potatoes. I had never tasted or seen them before so just had to buy them. I knew I was with a foodie kindred spirit when she didnt flinch at me buying poatatoes to transport half way round the world. Continue Reading →


roast leg of lamb with rosemary, garlic, harissa and lemon + easter feast

Roast leg of lamb with rosemary, garlic, lemon and harissa

When it comes to roasting an expensive leg of lamb I tend to be quite stuck in my ways. The recipe I love and always turn to is Jamie Oliver’s four-hour shoulder of lamb from his book ‘Jamie At Home’, and it’s perfect in its simplicity. Other than the delicious flavour of rosemary and garlic, which is excellent with lamb, it’s the method that I am particularly fond of. Whether you roast a shoulder or a leg, the outcome is the most succulent fall-off the bone meat imaginable. It also requires so little effort it literally cooks itself. Continue Reading →


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